Warm Up the Skinny Jeans, Kids – Art to Check Out This Weekend!

Tempus Projects – Pale Blue Dot      Fri. 12/16  7pm-11pm

Ok, there’s little art-wise to warm up the ol’ skinnies for this weekend.  However, Tempus Projects has once again given me reason to put my pants on and head out the door.  If you showed up to Tempus Projects’ last show you probably don’t need to read the rest of this post to be convinced to turn out again this Friday.

Pale Blue Dot is being billed as an art exhibition of the work of Ryann Slauson (of “southern shoegaze” outfit, Sleepy Vikings).  While I can say Slauson’s music with Sleepy Vikings is great, I’ve never seen his visual art.  However, if Tempus Projects is exhibiting him I’m sure its worth taking a look.  (I hate to make blanket positive judgements like that but its true: Michael Bay gives us explosions, Polk County gives us meth labs, Tempus Projects gives us quality.)

The Animal Collective-ish “experimental pop” set Diamond Man will be performing.  Diamond Man makes some exciting music that will fit well with the space.

A screening of video work from local artist Kurt Piazza is the real reason I’m lacing up the pants (that’s right, I tie my pants just like my shoes and tunic).  Piazza will be showing his video   PROJ(01)10:09.  Piazza’s work in video conveys the connection between place and narrative strangely well.  Not to mention the high contrast black and white work will look awesome projected outside on the wall at night.

In the words of Biggie Smalls, If you don’t know, now you know.  The whole show will be free and you may also be able to find some PBR.   If that’s not good enough for you, we have a bit of personal evaluation to do.

Warm Up the Skinny Jeans, Kids – Art to Check Out This Weekend!

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