Learning it Up On the Short Bus

Twenty years ago I would’ve been looking for books about dinosaurs.  Though, I’m now thumbing through post-feminist titles the venue has a familiar feel: a short bus filled with books.

Bluebird Books is touring the Bay area spreading bibliophilia (yes, it itches).  While you’re out weekending you may see the little blue bus with the color coordinated collection of books inside.  Admittedly being thoroughly Kindle and Nooked out, seeing all the once loved and priced for the poor books in rainbow order was refreshing.  Also, unlike some bigger cities, the Bay area is missing an info shop.  While Bluebird Books isn’t exactly an info shop (and Mitzi Gordon [above] isn’t your average Weather Underground fugitive info shop employee), it still seems to have the same DIY feel (and a book about the Weather Underground).  I was able to hop on at Tempus Projects’ Mix Tape show and hopped off with a copy of a Diane Arbus biography for only four(!) bucks.

While Bluebird Books is touring the Bay selling books, this is only part of its mission.  Bluebird Books describes itself as “a mobile station for inspiration”.  It does this through various non-profit cultural events within the community funded by the books you buy.  You can do more than buy books to help out.  Bluebird is accepting gently-used donated books.  But we all know cash money is best.  You can make it rain at their Kickstarter project.

You can check out the Bluebird Books bus on 12/23 at the Children’s Home Benefit/Creative Loafing Holiday Mix Tape Show!

Learning it Up On the Short Bus

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