Tampa Bay art scene : I don’t hate you.

It’s most appropriate that I begin the first blog post with an apology.  Tampa Bay art scene: I’m sorry.

City by the bay. No, not that bay.

While I’ve dismissed you as terrible, there’s actually been a small segment of awesome artists working and exhibiting here in the Bay area.  Let’s be clear, though.  The tourist pandering, ubiquitous sunset painting, flea market selling segment of the art scene are not privy to my apology – you’re still terrible.

That being said, Tampa Bay art scene, I intend to cover you like Scientology on Clearwater.  From hipsters in the ‘Burg hanging out on the 600 Block to the bricks and The Bricks of Ybor.  From the anomaly of Dunedin to the newest in Seminole Heights.  From sea to shining sea.  Now that introductions are out of the way…

Tampa Bay art scene : I don’t hate you.

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