Tampa Weekend Art Guide

Tempus Projects – Between Earth and Sky

Tempus Projects – Between Earth and Sky

Opening reception Fri 10/19 7pm-10pm

Tempus Projects’ latest offering is the first exhibit from the Tampa Photography Collective.  The group meets monthly at the Tempus Projects space to share and discuss new work.  This show marks the first time they’ve exhibited as a group.

Good photography is difficult to come by and a medium not often seen at Tempus Projects.  This is partly why the exhibit would be especially worth a visit.  Also, though, the collective is made up of some very talented photographers – for example, check out Becky Flanders or Chris Otten.  This exhibit was specifically recommended in Creative Loafing’s Fall Arts Preview.  I suspect it won’t be difficult to see why.  I definitely suggest taking the opportunity to see all of these artists exhibiting together.

Tampa Museum of Art – Art After Dark

Fri 10/19 8pm-11pm $10

The TMoA’s quarterly art party, Art After Dark, is once again upon is.  This quarter’s installment features FIVE by FIVE, a benefit for the Arts Council of Hillsborough.  Over 600(?!) pieces of 5 x 5 inch art will be for sale at the cost of $25.  There is a bit of a catch, though: the artist’s name is only provided upon purchase.  Further, the “partial” list published on the event’s website contains over 340 artists (again, ?!).  Though it may be difficult sans names, look out for work from Neverne Covington, Vince Kral, Rebecca Sexton Larson, Kim Radatz, and Josette Urso.  This is one of those collecting opportunities that shouldn’t be missed: the art is wildly affordable and it benefits art grants.  It would be morally wrong to miss it.  Fair warning: I’m gunning for that Josette Urso.  If you’ve got your eye on her work I advise you get there early and be prepared to be challenged to the circle of death.

Tampa Weekend Art Guide

Two Friday Art Parties! 7/20/12

This summer, as most, has been relatively slow when it comes to art.  If you listen closely, though, you the hum of behind the curtain preparations for the upcoming art season.  I might be calling it early, but the action begins this  weekend with two Tampa art parties.

Box on 5th – Preview Party       Fri 7/20  8pm-10pm

My (quasi) expert suggestion: Grab some dinner at The Bricks then stop by the brand new Ybor City gallery, Box on 5th.  It’d be proper for me to mention that I’ll have a painting hanging at the night.  Does that influence my recommendation?  Yes!  Go see my painting!  However, I’m hardly the only artist that will be featured that evening.  The event will serve as a kind of sneak peek into the new galleries first season.  The gallery will be presenting deservedly hyped Tampa artists, such as Justin Nelson, George Anderton, and Anthony Record among others.  The Blue Bird Books Bus will also be making a stop at the new venue.  Start your night here, check out what’s to come, say hi, have a drink, then head to the next party!

Tampa Museum of Art – Art After Dark       Fri 7/20  8pm-11pm

The quarterly art party at the TMoA returns this Friday.  The party invites “culture crusaders” to celebrate the museums current design exhibit, A Hundred Years – A Hundred Chairs.  There is far too much going on at the museum that night to describe in full here, so I’ll give you the abbreviated version: music, film, dance, drink, lounge, art, food.  Several local artists, including Vincent Kral and Shanna Gillette, will be featured with chair themed work.  In addition to all of the downstairs fun, the upstairs galleries will remain open for a stroll.  I love and admire the Art After Dark series: it’s a real and concrete way to connect an internationally recognized exhibit with our community in a way that many museums fail to do.  If you don’t go for the crazy fun, at least attend on principle!

Two Friday Art Parties! 7/20/12

Art@Bay at Sarasota Visual Art: Take a Seat, This is a Long Story

image courtesy of Tampa Museum of Art

Through endless episodes of Frasier (thanks Netflix) I find myself fixating on the props.  Specifically on a single prop, near the back of the living room, a single chair and matching footstool that exudes an uncanny quantity of comfort.  Similarly, the ubiquity of chairs can relegate them to becoming background props in real life as well: I can easily forget I’m sitting in one while I type this.

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Art@Bay at Sarasota Visual Art: Take a Seat, This is a Long Story

Off the Wagon – Your Weekend Art Binge 5/18 – 5/20

This week’s art binge is dominated by area museums.  In fact, there is so much museum fun, you can expect to pass out, forget most of what you did, and somehow end up on Museum Nerds Gone Wild.  With that said, we’re heading to Downtown Tampa’s Museum Row.

Florida Museum of Photographic Arts – Andy Warhol and Friends Closing Party

Fri 5/18  6pm-8pm

Members – Free / Non-members – $10

I’m sure, like me, you’re proud as punch of our scrappy underdog of a museum – the FMoPA.  They were just getting started with their classy new digs.  May is turning out to be quite a month for the museum.  The FMoPA is closing Warhol only to open Brassai, exhibits that should make their neighbors across Curtis Hixon park jealous.  This Friday the Andy Warhol and Friends exhibit closes with a Factory style party (presumably sans amphetamines).

Though Warhol is loved by just about every art loving and art hating person for his screen prints, he was an outstanding photographer as well.  Personally, his photographs seem to convey his ideas on fame more clearly than his large and well-known silk screens.  I’ll save the rest of the critical writing for the review.  The thrust of the preview, though, is to not underestimate Warhol’s photographs in favor of his paintings.  A stroll through the gallery will be worth the $10 admission for non-members.  Wine and hors d’oeuvre will also be served with your Warhol.

Tampa Museum of Art – A Hundred Years – A Hundred Chairs. Masterworks from the Vitra Design Museum    Sat 5/19

The TMOA‘s new exhibit will feature 100 chairs throughout 100 years from the Vitra Design Museum.  At the center of the museum’s new exhibit is “the design of the most ubiquitous of objects”.  The ubiquitous nature of chairs allows them to take on and play out the drama of modern life in a way – changing sociopolitical and aesthetic sensibilities are built into the chairs and their design changes with them.  Charles Eames’ initial use of ply wood, for example, has as much to do with war as it does with practical design.

Anyhow, I realize a lot of serious art nerds have a difficult time digging a design exhibit at an art museum.  The differences between fine art and design seem to generally lie in the context of a gallery setting.  If you’ve already seen this exhibit or photos of it you know what I mean: these chairs are displayed as and feel more like serious works of art rather than purely utilitarian objects.  Also, Saturday night at the museum is the annual Pride & Passion event.  The event kicks off St. Pete Pride each year while raising funds to the museum.  Individual tickets are $85 and a pair is $170.  Admission includes museum membership (!), food from Timpano, drinks, and entertainment.  The event draws a large crowd each year and is a major source of support for the museum.

And on the subject of museum’s…

Museum of Fine Art St. Petersburg – Global + Local: Studio and Contemporary Glass on Florida’s West Coast   Sat 5/19

Please don’t impale me when I say this:  I have a hard time getting into glass art.  I know our beautiful ‘Burg is now famous for it, but it just doesn’t move me.  In view of the fact that we’re talking about museum openings this weekend (and many of you may be into glass art), I couldn’t leave this one out.  The exhibit presents a number of glass artists including super star Dale Chihuly and local favorite Duncan McClellan.  The show coincides with a nationwide celebration of the 50th anniversary of the studio glass movement.

Off the Wagon – Your Weekend Art Binge 5/18 – 5/20

Off the Wagon – Your Weekend Art Binge 5/04 – 5/06

May the 4th be with you!  Today is like Christmas for pun-loving Jedis.  If you find you aren’t wrapped up in Star Wars themed nerdery all weekend here is some art worth checking out.

Blue Lucy – Scratch the Surface     Sat 5/06  7pm-11pm

Blue Lucy opens a large group exhibition this Saturday.  Seriously, big.  The inevitability that you or a friend is involved is reason enough to stop by.

Blue Lucy distributed square wood panels to over 100 local artists on which to create new work.  Curatorial restrictions on medium often produce great results or bust, but rarely land in the middle.  If not critically acclaimed fine art, though, the show will definitely provide the best locally made hanging-art for the home at a price that shouldn’t be far out of reach.  I was definitely able to spy out quality abstract work that will appear in the exhibit from artist Daniel Williams.  Also, look out for some local favorites such as Frank Strunk III, Calan Ree, and Coralette Damme.

Tampa Museum of Art – Art on the House    Fri 5/04  4pm-8pm

I know, I know: I feature Art on the House often.  I swear I’m not on their payroll.  There are two specific exhibits worth a gander this weekend, though.

Romare Bearden is packing up and leaving town this Sunday.  If you haven’t had a chance to visit the exhibit yet, do it.  Now.  The Romare Bearden exhibit is the most impressive one in the museum right now (and the museum is filled with nothing but impressive exhibits at the moment).  Bearden’s work capture’s a timelessness in a way only great work can.  It’s nearly impossible to pin his work to any particular decade though it spans several.  His use of collage seems to depict everyday life with a familiarity usually reserved for photography or film while also commenting on how it’s depicted.

With the surging buzz of activity lately I’ve neglected to mention the loan of sculptures from the amazing Margulies collection.  Miami’s Margulies collection is a museum’s worth and worthy collection of modern and contemporary art.  The TMoA selected to exhibit sculptural works from the latter half of the 20th century with an emphasis on the natural form.  The exhibit includes some serious art icons but I particularly enjoyed seeing George Segal’s Three People on Four Benches and Isamu Noguchi’s Judith.

Off the Wagon – Your Weekend Art Binge 5/04 – 5/06

Art@Bay at Sarasota Visual Art – Art After Dark: On the Record

DJ Brian Oblivion – he was spinning Gang of Four when I took this photo

My students looked at me as if they always thought I might be a nerd and I had just confirmed their suspicions.  Had I done anything fun this weekend?  Yes.  I went to the museum.

To be fair to my street cred, my visit to the museum did include alcohol, a DJ, and night-time schmoozing (oh, I hate that word, but it’s too accurate to substitute).  The Tampa Museum of Art hosts a quarterly event called Art After Dark.  The event opened the museum’s doors well past its usual bed time for a vinyl record themed party.

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Art@Bay at Sarasota Visual Art – Art After Dark: On the Record

Look! Art After Dark: Turntable Remix

I wasn’t quite expecting “Night at the Museum” sans Ben Stiller, but it was nearly as fun.  Good art, Christian Marclay (!), beer, music, Sleeveface: Art After Dark lived up to the promise.  Look out for a proper article on the event coming up at Sarasota Visual Art.  For now, enjoy the photos.

Power of Three in Grayscale, Susan Janvrin
Art from Susan Janvrin and Craig Kaths

Me and Christian Marclay! I really nerded out and may have creeped him out a bit. Sorry, Tampa, if he never comes back.
My wife, Wanda Jackson
DJ Brian Oblivion - he was spinning Gang of Four when I took this photo

Look! Art After Dark: Turntable Remix

Warm Up the Skinny Jeans, Kids – Art to Check Out this Weekend! 4/20 – 4/22

Wow. That guy on the sleeve is way more plentiful of hair than me.

For this weekend’s outing we’ll be reveling in the hipster fetish of vinyl.  That is, vinyl records.  Hipsters are generally way too nerdy to actually be into a real vinyl fetish.  That would be fun to see, though.  Anyhow, onto the TMoA.

Tampa Museum of Art – Art After Dark    Fri 4/20  8pm-11pm    Guests- $10  Members- free

The quarterly museum party, Art After Dark, returns Friday night.  The latest edition’s vinyl record theme coincides with the museum’s John Cage installation 33 1/3 – Performed by Audience and the eve of Record Store Day.  Plenty of record related activity will be buzzing throughout the museum until 11pm.  In museum-time that’s crazy late.  If that’s not crazy late for you, though, the after party is at the Mermaid Tavern.  I said this regarding the last Art After Dark, but when was the last time you went to a party so cool that it warranted an after party?  Shame on you if you miss your chance.  Shame on you.

In addition to the John Cage installation there will be record themed artwork from various other artists tied to the Bay area.  In particular, the party will feature the art of Susan Janvrin.  To say her work is “record themed” is a bit of an understatement.  Janvrin’s art begins with vinyl records as her chosen medium and develops the work to a near hypnotic end.  Art After Dark will also be presenting art from another local artist, Matt Normand.  I’m afraid I’m unable to say exactly what to anticipate Normand will show.  A fun fact, though:  Matt Normand’s last solo show at Tempus Projects was the first exhibit I ever saw there (admittedly, that fact was probably only fun for me).  Once-local artist and USF grad, Craig Kaths will be contributing work for the show as well.  His impeccable prints of dissected stereos, turntables, and other electronics fits the party’s tight theme eerily well.  Also, if you meet him ask him about being an assistant for Takashi Murakami (?!).  I’d consider suffering great bodily harm if it meant landing a gig like that.

There’s plenty more LP loving activities planned for the evening.  You may have seen or even enjoyed shooting some of the Sleeveface photos that have been floating around on Facebook.  If not, there definitely fun for a look and a try (you can find some of them here).  You’ll also have the opportunity to start your Record Shop Day a few hours early by perusing the pop-up record shops.  Vinyl from the Bay’s favorite shops (Microgroove, Mojo, and Daddy Kool) will be there for the buying.  Word on the streets (and the Facebook event page) is that the legendary record shop, Amoeba Music, has some sort of surprise in store.

In the unlikely event that you hate vinyl records there will be a cash bar.  For everyone else the TMoA has planned quite a bit of art-ish amusement built around a tight theme.  The reason this museum party is only a quarterly event is clear from the amount of work that appears to have gone into its production.  Let’s face it, though – us art nerds can handle an event with an after-party only once every few months anyway.

Warm Up the Skinny Jeans, Kids – Art to Check Out this Weekend! 4/20 – 4/22

The Starving Artist’s Guide to Bay Area Museums

Change for the new Biggers' exhibit, sir?

For all the vulgar excess and catering to the 1%, art love can be relatively friendly for the cash strapped (though being cash strapped in itself isn’t all that friendly).  Gallery receptions and exhibit openings are generally classy yet free affairs – something that can’t exactly be said regarding film or music.  The museum visits may require prying the wallet open.  If well-timed, however, you can stroll several local museums with your wallet pleasantly tucked away.  With that said, here is a quick museum guide for the frugal art nerd.

Tampa Museum of Art – every Friday evening – This is the first program I learned about and perhaps my favorite.  Every Friday TMoA presents Art on the House – free admission between 4pm and 8pm.  I should give a mention to Hill Ward Henderson for making the program possible.

Museum of Fine Art St. Petersburgfirst Saturday and Sunday of each month…sort of – I should start by saying that this deal also applies to the MFA as well as the TMoA and the Florida Holocaust Museum (which has respectable art exhibits of its own from time to time).  You can get free admission to the museums on the first Saturday and Sunday of each month by presenting your Bank of America debit or credit card (or Merrill Lynch credit or debit card) and a photo ID.  If the Saturday or Sunday falls on the last day of the month, the deal will apply the following weekend.

Ringling Museum of Art – every Monday – $25!  That’s how much you don’t have to pay if you visit the Ringling on a monday.  This includes free admission to their permanent collection as well as the special exhibition galleries which currently houses Sanford Biggers’ new installation.  Call in sick to work, bring two dollars for the Skyway, and how about some falafel for lunch – sounds like a rad Monday.

Polk Museum of Art – every Saturday morning –  Not to be left out is the runt of the museum bunch.  You can save your five bucks if you stop by on Saturdays from 10am to noon.  Interestingly, local favorites Theo Wujcik and Krik Ke Wang will be exhibiting at the PMoA in a couple of months.

I’m obligated to mention that visiting the museums at these times is free of charge but not free of cost to the museum.  I’m sure any of these venues would appreciate a donation if you find yourself less poor than usual.  Regardless, whether you plan on making your way to a gallery or museum, it can be done on the cheap.  Being sans-cash shouldn’t be an obstacle to enjoying art in and around the Bay.

The Starving Artist’s Guide to Bay Area Museums

Warm Up the Skinny Jeans, Kids – Art to Check Out this Weekend! 3/16 – 3/18

March Madness is in full swing – college basketball has forced me to sever all ties with reality and rational thought. I may need anti-March-Madness meds. A dose of art may be exactly what the doctor (and court) ordered.  Here are the picks.

Tampa Museum of Art – Art on the House    Fri 3/16  4pm-8pm

Several exciting exhibits all happened to converge on the TMoA at once.  If you haven’t visited in a while, Friday is the perfect time – the museum offers free admission between 4pm and 8pm every Friday thanks to Hill Ward Henderson. Here are some highlights of a few of the offerings you’ll catch.

Romare Bearden – Bearden is an acclaimed artist for good reason.  He used a collage style that not only documented the African-American experience but shined a light on the perception of the African-American experience.  It’s easy to see why his work is so enduring influencing artists today such as Kara Walker.

John Cage – Tampa has had a special buzz about John Cage since January so chances are you’re well-educated on the multi-discipline artist.  His interactive installation involves twelve record players with albums donated by celebrities from Jack White to Christian Marclay.  You’ll find me there Friday night playing with the 45rpm setting.

Erik Levine – With the recent acquisition of Hand Held, a large-scale sculpture, by Erik Levine, the TMoA kicked off an exhibition that will also feature two of the artist’s video works.  We’ll get the obvious out of the way: Hand Held looks like a giant plywood condom.  Though the exhibition’s opening felt quiet, I wouldn’t miss a chance to see Levine’s work in person.  His use of such common material on monumental scales is meant to be appreciated first hand.

Studio@620 – Artbook Tampa Bay Launch Party    Sat 3/17  7pm-11pm

I’m recommending this event with reservations.  The company HDInteractive recently completed the development of Artbook Tampa Bay, an iPad app showcasing Tampa Bay area art and artists.  Studio@620 is hosting the Launch Party for the app this Saturday with an after party at Sake Bomb.  I definitely support promoting our often under-hyped art scene.  Also, kudos to HDInteractive for the innovative idea and making use of newly ubiquitous apps to that end.  Artbook will feature local artwork and artist bios as well as local institutions like the Tampa Museum of Art.  A preview version of the app can be downloaded for free, however the full version will cost $9.99.  Artists, though, won’t be compensated with any of the money the app brings in.  I understand capitalist reality and that paying the artists with anything other than “exposure” could be impossible – I don’t want to sound like a grump.  However, a project that can’t fairly compensate the artists whose work is generating the bulk of the income should reconsider its game plan.  I’ll stop the complaining before I get carried away.  I’d love to hear your thoughts – you can continue the conversation below or at Facebook. Anyhow, you may want to still consider attending; chances are you have friends or artists you know participating in the project.

  • Check out this Creative Loafing article for more info about Artbook and the launch party
  • Check out this article at Hyperallergic about fair artist compensation

Honorable Mention

Morean Arts Center – WAX: Medium Meets Message    Fri 3/16  5pm-7pm

Morean Arts Center presents a group exhibit with the medium as its tying theme: encaustic, a wax based paint.  The show will be featuring paintings by Kim Bernard, Ann Taylor Gibson, Lisa Pressman, Russell Thurston, Leslie Neumann, Elise Wagner, Mary Beth Rothman, Lorrie Fredette and Laura Moriarty.

Warm Up the Skinny Jeans, Kids – Art to Check Out this Weekend! 3/16 – 3/18