R. Luke DuBois – Now: Video, Digitally Generated Sound Pieces, Oscar Winning Films Throughout the Years, Maps of the Lonely Looking for Love, Playboy Pin-ups, Google, and Britney Spears


If you’re the type of person that enjoys artists that defy categorization, look no further than the Ringling Museum of Art’s survey of New York based artist, R. Luke DuBois – Now. Not only is this the first survey of DuBois’s work, it’s also the first solo Ringling Museum exhibition for an artist who works with such a diverse range of media.

Now is the type of exhibition that needs plenty of time to be viewed and absorbed — if you prefer a  thorough grasp of what’s on display, I suggest visiting the show more than once. While some of the pieces are easily consumable, others feel as though they transcend time and space – within the viewing experience, time becomes dimensional. This, to me, makes a lot of sense being that much of the work DuBois creates is about the perception of time: but that’s only the half of it. DuBois is also interested in American popular culture, musical composition, collaborative performance, large-scale public installation, films, generative computer works, and, well there’s plenty to discover about this multi talented fellow.

One of my personal favorite’s from this survey is a new video series DuBois created during a year-long residency at Ringling Museum entitled Circus Sarasota. In this body of work, DuBois highlights aspects of Ringling’s history related to the art of performance and spectacle – being what Ringling is undoubtedly the most famous for; the circus.  Accentuated by grandiosely ornamental frames are several monitors, activated by motion sensors that display videos of current performers from Circus Sarasota – each duration of the high-definition video representing characteristics of the performer, primarily captured in slow motion. Sometimes the performer peers directly into the viewer’s eye from the monitor, creating an eerie sense of the uncanny. Personally, I love how R. Luke was successfully able to take this subject matter and create something utterly mesmerizing — where another element of time is introduced, through motion sensors, depending on the viewers’ movement and placement within the space. Now is also comprised of video, digitally generated sound pieces, Oscar-winning films throughout the years, maps of the lonely looking for love, Playboy pin-ups, Google, and Britney Spears – this show simply does not disappoint.

Also, included with Now are three collaborative performances by R. Luke DuBois and guest artists. I attended the first collaborative performance, with Lesley Flanigan as the guest artist. In this performance, Lesley created sound with varied utterances into a microphone while DuBois responded by projecting computer generated images on the adjacent wall and, simultaneously, digitally manipulating Lesley’s voice. This performance lasted about an hour and generated waves of energy, as sounds reverberated around the gallery walls. The next collaborative performances are March 20th with Todd Reynolds, and May 1st with Bora Yoon.

R. Luke DuBoise – Now runs through May 4th, 2014.  You can find more information about Now and R. Luke DuBoise’s upcoming collaborative performances HERE.

Sarasota Art Events: 2013 – 2014 Season

SRQThere’s a lot to look forward to in the Sarasota art scene these next few months – here are a few notable exhibitions and spaces to consider visiting for your viewing pleasure:

Art Center Sarasota

Art Center Sarasota has a lot of new and compelling exhibitions in store for the community this season – from public sound installation art, to international art from their sister city: Tel Mond, Israel.

CUBEMUSIC and Sun Boxes are ongoing projects created by the artist and musician, Craig Colorusso. As you enter each space (either indoors or out) you are transported to a realm that heightens your senses and awareness of your surroundings, through Colorusso’s exhilarating use of space, time, light, and sound.

Pulp Culture is an exhibition curated by Emma Thurgood that highlights art pieces that are created out of paper in a non-traditional fashion. It’s a light and playful exhibition that is sure to delight each of its viewers, and offer new perspectives on how to utilize paper as an art form.

You can view more information about Art Center Sarasota and its current exhibitions HERE.

Two Columns Gallery and Crossley Gallery

Two Columns Gallery and Crossley Gallery primarily consist of artworks created by students from the Ringling College of Art and Design Fine Arts Department. Viewers should attend each show with an open mind, and not expect to see “art” in a traditional sense. Instead you will find “art” redefined and expanded upon. There is a lot of young creative energy within each show and you’ll experience insight into the direction artists are headed. Also, be sure to keep an extra close eye on these galleries because many of their shows are short-lived. Recently Two Columns Gallery had a one night only show, titled Mapping a Site: In and Out of Context consisting of artwork created by faculty, Ringling students, and exchange students from Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland and Sint Lucas and Royal Academy, Antwerp, Belgium as a collaborative effort. The show was phenomenal and I am so glad I got the chance to see it! So again, keep a really, really close eye on these galleries.

Ice House

I haven’t been to this space, as I believe it’s not open yet, but it looks to be an interesting endeavor. Ice House’s first show will be November 14th and it promises contemporary 3-D art… we shall wait and see what kind of impact the Ice House will have on Sarasota’s art scene – Looks promising.

Sarasota Museum of Art


Lisa Hoke

Lisa Hoke installation (detail)

Lisa Hoke installation (detail)

Installation artist, Lisa Hoke, will be coming to Sarasota to install a large-scale installation made of a variety of recycled packaging materials. The installation will be created from January 15th – February 4th and the community is invited to visit SMOA to watch Lisa’s creative process!

The John & Mable Ringling Museum of Art 

The Ringling is a huge asset to the Sarasota community and there is indeed something for everyone to enjoy:

Josephs Coat, by artist James Turrell, is one of my personal favorites. Viewers can walk into the space, lie down (or sit), and view the sky through a square shape in the ceiling. At night LED lights illuminate the space, altering our perceptions of colors that are present in the night sky.

Art of Our Time – nowHERE is filled with exciting events to look forward to! It’s sure to keep us all stimulated for the next couple of months!

Ringling Underground is an art and music event that takes place in the evening, once a month. Several bands entertain visitors as they view contemporary art displayed in the courtyard. Exhibitions within the Museum are also open for visitors to peruse. The next Ringling Underground takes place February 6th, 2014.

Are there any other events or exhibition spaces I’ve missed that you feel should be brought to my, and readers, attention? Please let us know in the comments below!