Information Overlord’s Weekend Reading Guide 4/01

Adrienne Rich

I hate to be a downer.  On the other hand, I really hate glossing over bad news.  With the constant coverage of Trayvon Martin, here are a few other sad stories of death that feel like they’ve been unfairly lost in the 24/7 infotainment shuffle.


  • As severely underreported as it is sad is the murder of a mother of five, Shaima Alawadi.  Alawadi was found beaten in her San Diego home with a xenophobic note left next to her.  She died three days later.  The Daily Beast reports on the hate crime, here.
  • Poet Adrienne Rich died March 27.  I think I carried an anthology of her poems around with me my entire senior year of highschool.  This New Yorker article discusses how relevant, to the point of prognostication, Rich’s verse has been.
  • Art critic, Hilton Kramer also recently passed away.  Known to be a fierce defender of modernism (for example, calling conceptualism “scrapbook art”)  he’s enjoyable to read  though easy to disagree with.  The New York Times remembers him here.
Information Overlord’s Weekend Reading Guide 4/01

Information Overlord’s Weekend Reading Guide – 3/18

I’m sick.  It may be SARS or Ebola or maybe a cold – I’m not sure.  That means toast and sleeping to Saved by the Bell reruns on Netflix for me.  If you’re of sound health, though, perhaps you’d like some Sunday brunch reading.  I hope you enjoy the links.

  • Ira Glass and the gang at This American Life made a mistake.  For some reason its the biggest thing since Ira’s sex tape.  You can read more about the goof here.
  • What’s being hailed as the best Art Fair in NYC this year is sounding like the most surreal to me.  Sculptures on beds and paintings over bathroom sinks?!  The Dependent Fair is freaking me out but I would’ve loved to have seen it.  You can see what I mean in this AFC article here.
  • I understand with all the heaps of hype (well deserved) you may have reached your Christian Marclay saturation point.  However, if you haven’t read this great New Yorker article about his move to England and the creation ot The Clock I’m sure you’ve got a smidgen left for good ol’ Marclay.  Check out the piece here.
Information Overlord’s Weekend Reading Guide – 3/18

Information Overlord’s Weekend Reading Guide 3/10 – 3/11

A no-good smug skeleton. Can't stand them.

It’d be unprofessional of me to not mention the bevy of biennials, triennials, fairs, and fests taking place in New York at the moment.  Especially considering two of our own galleries are in the Big Apple right now making us look good – represent!  Here are a few of the highlights of all the action in New York.  Also, to get your mind off the hour we’re losing with daylight savings time I’ve included a GIF of a skeleton sauntering like he’s the cock of the walk.

  • Jerry Saltz wrote an interesting review of the Whitney Biennial for the new issue of New York.  Sounds like understated is the new overstated.  Read it here.
  • Our hometown galleries, C. Emerson Fine Arts and Mindy Solomon galleries manned booths at SCOPE this week.  Hyperllergic gave the fair a good review here, in the mean time  giving CEFA an “extremely honorable mention”.
  • The Independent, styling itself as a “temporary exhibition forum”, is back in Chelsea for its third time.  Don’t get this confused with the Independent in Seminole Heights that styles itself as a “place to get beer and play darts” (quotes mine).  Here’s the New York Times’ review of the fair.
  • Had enough reading?  Lastly, a slide show of what this year’s Armory Show had to offer.  Flip through it here at the Daily Beast.
Information Overlord’s Weekend Reading Guide 3/10 – 3/11

Information Overlord’s Weekend Reading Guide: 2/18-2/19

Pepper spray in blue box. Cameras in pink boxes.

What is the one thing the internet is not saturated with?  If you said weird smells, you’re wrong.  Because the answer is images.  There are not enough pictures on the internet.  If you also have an insatiable appetite to visually document everything (and then perhaps visually document all of your visual documentation) this week’s reading guide may be for you – the theme is photography.  Enjoy the links and the rest of your weekend.

  • Who doesn’t love photobooths?  You always end up with a kiss in them.  Behind the Curtain – the Aesthetics of the Photobooth opened yesterday at the Swiss photography museum Musée de l’Elysée Lausanne.  This link is a slideshow of some of the photobooth art featured in the exhibit.  The show features artists from Andy Warhol to Cindy Sherman, from surrealism to Fluxus.
  • Daily Serving serves up this thought-provoking article about photography as sculpture and the relationship between the photo and the photographed When you jump to the article, check out the installation Who’s Afraid of Jasper Johns.  The only reason to take a photo of that installation is to force your brain to eat itself.
  • Here are some powerful images of Mexican laborers on the way to work by artist Alejandro Cartagena’s.  I think the heaven’s-eye-view only makes these photos even more sad.
Information Overlord’s Weekend Reading Guide: 2/18-2/19

Information Overlord’s Weekend Reading Guide – 2/11-2/12

This could be the legacy of our generation...or that's what I got from the first link.Like Scar is to Mufasa, like Gaston is to the Beast, so will this weekend’s reading guide be to last week’s.  Last weekend I gave our lazy brains a respite from reading.  However, I know my readers are an intellectual bunch with minds that require regular and rigorous exertion.  This weekend’s reading guide is a cerebral one.

  • From my new favorite site is this article on the mind-liquefying world of 4chan, “alienation, irony, autonomy, [and] discourse”.  Auerbach serves up a critical look at the home of both the cyber-activists Anonymous and the lolcats meme.  Check it out here.
  • The local online art review and literary mag Ubernothing released its fifth issue about a month ago and is now accepting submissions for issue VI.  Not only will you likely enjoy the reading, but a little local is good for the character.  You can find issue five here.
  • The interview with Nathan Skiles at Sarasota Visual Art was a good read, particularly if you appreciate his abstracty sculpturish work.  Skiles had some especially interesting things to say about representation, abstraction, and blurring the two.  You can read the interview here.
Information Overlord’s Weekend Reading Guide – 2/11-2/12

Information Overlord’s Weekend Reading Guide: 2/04-2/05

"Who's got two thumbs and looks great in hot pants? ...This gal!"

So you’ve got you’re Keds laced up nice and tight and the beret snug on your head.  Now all you need for that hip exhibit tonight is a few talking points.  Well, I’ve got you covered – before you spritz on the Drakkar and head out the door, enjoy these links.

  • I hate to get started on a sad note but brilliant artist Mike Kelley died earlier this week.  GalleristNY has an article reporting on his death but centering on his life here, and a slide show of some of his work here.
  • A copy of daVinci’s Mona Lisa turns out to be older than most people thought.  In fact, the New York Times reports here that it could have even been painted by one of daVinci’s students while he painted the original.  Let the comparing and contrasting commence.
  • The entirely online virtual art event VIP Art Fair is back for its second year.  The word on the art streets (in this metaphor I’m Huggybear) is that it’s much better than last year.  Take off your Keds and beret and relax.  You can sign up here.
  • For some Saturday night art-nerd fun here is an 8-bit video game version of Marina Abramovic’s performance The Artist is Present.  Now knock yourself out waiting in line…8-bit style!
Information Overlord’s Weekend Reading Guide: 2/04-2/05