Warm Up the Skinny Jeans, Kids – Art to Check Out this Weekend! 4/20 – 4/22

Wow. That guy on the sleeve is way more plentiful of hair than me.

For this weekend’s outing we’ll be reveling in the hipster fetish of vinyl.  That is, vinyl records.  Hipsters are generally way too nerdy to actually be into a real vinyl fetish.  That would be fun to see, though.  Anyhow, onto the TMoA.

Tampa Museum of Art – Art After Dark    Fri 4/20  8pm-11pm    Guests- $10  Members- free

The quarterly museum party, Art After Dark, returns Friday night.  The latest edition’s vinyl record theme coincides with the museum’s John Cage installation 33 1/3 – Performed by Audience and the eve of Record Store Day.  Plenty of record related activity will be buzzing throughout the museum until 11pm.  In museum-time that’s crazy late.  If that’s not crazy late for you, though, the after party is at the Mermaid Tavern.  I said this regarding the last Art After Dark, but when was the last time you went to a party so cool that it warranted an after party?  Shame on you if you miss your chance.  Shame on you.

In addition to the John Cage installation there will be record themed artwork from various other artists tied to the Bay area.  In particular, the party will feature the art of Susan Janvrin.  To say her work is “record themed” is a bit of an understatement.  Janvrin’s art begins with vinyl records as her chosen medium and develops the work to a near hypnotic end.  Art After Dark will also be presenting art from another local artist, Matt Normand.  I’m afraid I’m unable to say exactly what to anticipate Normand will show.  A fun fact, though:  Matt Normand’s last solo show at Tempus Projects was the first exhibit I ever saw there (admittedly, that fact was probably only fun for me).  Once-local artist and USF grad, Craig Kaths will be contributing work for the show as well.  His impeccable prints of dissected stereos, turntables, and other electronics fits the party’s tight theme eerily well.  Also, if you meet him ask him about being an assistant for Takashi Murakami (?!).  I’d consider suffering great bodily harm if it meant landing a gig like that.

There’s plenty more LP loving activities planned for the evening.  You may have seen or even enjoyed shooting some of the Sleeveface photos that have been floating around on Facebook.  If not, there definitely fun for a look and a try (you can find some of them here).  You’ll also have the opportunity to start your Record Shop Day a few hours early by perusing the pop-up record shops.  Vinyl from the Bay’s favorite shops (Microgroove, Mojo, and Daddy Kool) will be there for the buying.  Word on the streets (and the Facebook event page) is that the legendary record shop, Amoeba Music, has some sort of surprise in store.

In the unlikely event that you hate vinyl records there will be a cash bar.  For everyone else the TMoA has planned quite a bit of art-ish amusement built around a tight theme.  The reason this museum party is only a quarterly event is clear from the amount of work that appears to have gone into its production.  Let’s face it, though – us art nerds can handle an event with an after-party only once every few months anyway.

Warm Up the Skinny Jeans, Kids – Art to Check Out this Weekend! 4/20 – 4/22

The Monsters of Mobile Art! Art to Check Out Thursday


This Thursday the monsters of mobile art converge on Mermaid TavernPhilanthropic Young Tampa Bay organized this event to raise money for the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts as they move to their new location.

Boxfotos, a gallery pulled around town in a shiny Airstream trailer,  will be stopping by the tavern.  The husband and wife team of Matt Larson and Rebecca Sexton Larson are the curators/artists for this traveling alternative space.  Boxfotos features photographic work at a generally affordable price, making it easier for Joe Six Pack to become Joe Art Collector (and also to become Joe Philanthropist this Thursday).  Additionally, if you’re feeling especially philanthropic and have been looking for a way to show your love for Art at Bay, you can pick me up one of Boxfotos’ awesome Starbucks pinhole cameras.

Bluebird Books will also be rolling in for the fundraiser.    If you haven’t yet climbed into the bright blue short bus you’ll quickly notice Mitzi Gordon of Bluebird acts more like a book curator than a book seller.  Bluebird serves up a particularly appealing selection of books in a visually pleasing arrangement (or rad books that look rad).  There’s something about used books that culls money out of my wallet and if you’re reading this blog chances are you’ll feel similarly.  The collection on the bus is chosen carefully and is likely to focus on photography this Thursday.  The Sasha Rae photobooth will also be joining the fun for the Bluebird Undercover project.

I know it isn’t exactly the weekend but I encourage you to reach deep down into your Id and pull out the wild child that’ll bring you out on a Thursday.  It’s encouraging to see the art scene support its own.   Add to your art collection, your library, and long list of good deeds.  The event takes place this Thursday, 2/09 at 7pm-9pm at the Mermaid Tavern.

The Monsters of Mobile Art! Art to Check Out Thursday