Warm Up the Skinny Jeans, Kids – Art to Check Out This Weekend! 3/23-3/25

Remember that ’80’s film Weird Science?  Something similar (but less misogynistic) is going down in St. Pete this Friday – the online is materializing offline.  We’re heading to the Studio@620 this weekend.

Studio@620 – TRU_RL: Tight Artists Offline    Fri 3/23  7pm

Studio@620 will be presenting a group exhibit of sorts featuring work by the members of T.A.N.G. (Tight Artists Net Gang).  The show is curated by Hunter Payne of local art/philanthropic fame and initiated member of T.A.N.G.  Tight Artists is a web-based collective of new media artists centered around a website of the same name.  Though the site showcases work of T.A.N.G. members, it isn’t a typical image gallery-based site (like ArtSlant).  That may sound like a mundane detail, but if you visit the website you’ll likely see why I mention it (click on the photo above to check it out).

If you’re a fan of dump.fm or 4 chan, you’ll likely be a fan of this show as well.  However, if you haven’t seen art similar to the Tight Artists’ before you may at first find it…er…overwhelming, and perhaps that’s the point.  The work presents image consumption at a glutinous pace.  With the ubiquitous smart technology and social networking the pace isn’t so exaggerated – it’s the unabashed nature of the work that almost makes it feel vulgar.  The glimmer flood of gif’s is also reminiscent of the free flow of information in the early days of the internet (and maybe it’s just me, but the aesthetics of the work also seems to reference this time period).

It’ll be particularly interesting to see how this web-based work is translated into a brick and mortar gallery exhibit.  However, that will be far from the only interesting thing to see at the show.  TRU_RL will also feature what is described as “a nude performance by Kalan Sherrard“, a performance artist you may recognize from coverage of the OWS protests.  The hors d’ourves even sound well curated and deserve a mention:  “chicken wings, vintage mega-nuclear radishes from Hiroshima, boxed wine, and some brand of cheap beer.”  Admission is free.

Warm Up the Skinny Jeans, Kids – Art to Check Out This Weekend! 3/23-3/25