Local St.Pete artists have a lot to say about hipsters [photo review]


The witty work of Virginia Boller- now in display at the Oleson Gallery.

My last art hunt in Downtown St.Pete turned out to be quite interesting. I did not intend, nor did  I expected, to find such critical, yet funny work (on the street and in the galleries) that fueled on the hipster dilemma. Yes, it is true that St.Pete is becoming quite the hip town, but is that  a bad thing? I specifically like the fact that the artists, here, are mindful of what local places and activities (i.e Fubar and shuffle-boarding) attract the typical  local hipsters (we have typical local hipsters?). Don’t get me wrong, to some these might be offensive, but to me they are completely harmless. They are,actually, telling of what kind of city St.Pete has become- an open-minded, interesting place that enables this kind of dialogue between the public and the artist that decides to show off their work . Anyways, here,  you will find a few images that feature the artists (most of them unknown) and their observations about hipsters- hop on aboard and share your thoughts!

Just FYI, I think most of us have encountered the ‘FAT HIPSTER’ stickers around town, I’ve seen a bunch of them on Central Ave near Haslam’s Bookstore and Art Pool Gallery.

Most of the stencil/sticker work  here was found in the alleyway behind Bluelucy Gallery.
photo4 photo3 photo2 photo1photo6Even the pretty mural has the beard thing going- also, ‘Glitter is the Herpes of craft supplies’ , ‘Glitter Shit’ and’God hates swag’!


The two hilarious decorative boxes are available at Bluelucy- they are part of their latest exhibition, Infectious. (I want one!)