Information Overlord’s Weekend Reading 12/30 – 1/01

Ready your fanny pack - the weekend is upon us!

I’m aware just about everyone is planning on getting gussied up this Saturday, and heading out to party in one fashion or another.  I’m here for those of you who plan on staying home and getting wasted…on reading!  So pump up the C+C Music Factory, strap on the fanny pack full of snacks, and pull up your favorite chair – it’s time to party with literacy!  If you need some more help getting started here are a few interesting links to get you going.

  • We’re starting off with an exception – this first link isn’t so much reading as it is watching.  A very interesting TED talk by new media artist Hasan Elahi about how he gained privacy by first giving it all up.
  • If you’ve lived in Florida for a while you know our pride and joy is the powerful monopoly the state has on weird news.  Here’s a compilation of the many magical moments of 2011.
  • This was an interesting article about similarities between Mexican narco culture and ancient Aztecs in the way they use(d) imagery of violence as an instrument of power.  I should warn you, though, that the article does include some graphic imagery.
  • A favorite photo-blog of mine posted old snapshots of facial expressions produced by electric shock.  It’s not as bad as it sounds, but just as weird.  It’s in French so you may have to translate.
Information Overlord’s Weekend Reading 12/30 – 1/01