ART AT BAY Presents: Cheryl Weber


Locally based artist Cheryl Weber, otherwise known as Jujmo, admits to an “obsession with all things cute”.  And indeed, her work is cute.  However, that isn’t to say it is superficial or  trite.  Rather, her work seems to not only be cute but about “cute” – perhaps not far from some of the ideas of Superflat.  However, unlike Superflat work, Weber’s art isn’t sterile and glossy – her hand is plainly visible and in fact she has an entire group of work called the Doodle Series.  Her work perhaps more accurately brings to mind the patient and loving (almost obsessive) style of fan art.  See more of Cheryl Weber’s art on her site here.

IMG_6712 IMG_6710 IMG_6706 IMG_6700 IMG_6448