Before We Get Started …

Ol’ Blackrims looking unto the bright future that is the next art season!

I was going to write a really sentimental piece on this past art season.  It totally would’ve made you cry.  No time, though.

You’re likely putting finishing touches on your latest masterpiece, tying up loose ends before the next exhibit, taking care of the last edits on your preview blog post, or just totally hyped for the art to get going again.  Now that I’ve got my first art season as a blogger under my belt (sort of – I got started half way through) I’m looking forward to my second.

A lot has happened in our little art world over the course of the last year.  Specifically, I feel like a few developments have changed or clarified the role Art at Bay should play.  With the goal of keeping you informed on Tampa Bay art, I thought I’d let you in on what I’ve been thinking.

The Tampa Bay art scene blogosphere (admittedly, a very specific sphere) has blown up this year along with the rest of the Bay area art world.  Alright, maybe “blown up” is overstating it a bit.  In regards to finding words on our art scene now, here’s where I go for what:

So, doing a quick look-over of the local blogosphere and my blog I’ve come up with a couple of conclusions:

  1. With local art information aplenty I should offer less this season – there isn’t exactly a shortage of it.  Assuming, we’re all informed, its time to begin talking about how we feel on issues unique to our scene and act on it.
  2. Though Art at Bay may have comparatively few readers – looking over the FB ‘like’ list you guys seem to be our art world who’s-who: each of you appear to have some sort of hand on the wheel steering this crazy thing.  I intend for Art at Bay to focus more on the conversation of how and where it should be steered.

Anyhow, I hope you stick with me for the upcoming season.  More importantly, I hope you join the conversation.

Before We Get Started …