Information Overlord’s Weekend Reading Guide 3/24 – 3/25

fig. 1.1 - Similarities in physiognomy

Among this week’s big stories that I can’t avoid mentioning: turns out Geraldo Rivera’s a big jerk.  Well, I’m about to break this sucker wide open: Geraldo Rivera sort of looks like Teddy Roosevelt (see fig. 1.1)  Rivera has lost control of his mustache.  He’s been needing to reel that thing in for about four years now.  Now that I’ve laid that breaking news on you and we’ve got the headlines out of the way, enjoy these links.

  • HuffPost lists some unsolved art world mysteries including Van Gogh’s murder (say what?!) and the real identity of Banksy.  Check out the list here.
  • New studies regarding creativity shed some light on where good ideas come from.  It so happens those methamphetamines and brainstorming sessions won’t help so much.  Read the article at Salon here.
  • Have you ever noticed that car commercials look awfully like Tom Cruise’s dream sequence in Vanilla Sky?  Where are all the people and other cars (and the driver for that matter)?  Here is an interesting structuralist reading of car commercials.
  • This is a great essay from Triple Canopy about physical movement, a very old cartoon, capitalism, and a great video art piece.  It walks that great line of making perfect sense and making no sense.  See it here.
Information Overlord’s Weekend Reading Guide 3/24 – 3/25

Information Overlord’s Weekend Reading Guide – 3/18

I’m sick.  It may be SARS or Ebola or maybe a cold – I’m not sure.  That means toast and sleeping to Saved by the Bell reruns on Netflix for me.  If you’re of sound health, though, perhaps you’d like some Sunday brunch reading.  I hope you enjoy the links.

  • Ira Glass and the gang at This American Life made a mistake.  For some reason its the biggest thing since Ira’s sex tape.  You can read more about the goof here.
  • What’s being hailed as the best Art Fair in NYC this year is sounding like the most surreal to me.  Sculptures on beds and paintings over bathroom sinks?!  The Dependent Fair is freaking me out but I would’ve loved to have seen it.  You can see what I mean in this AFC article here.
  • I understand with all the heaps of hype (well deserved) you may have reached your Christian Marclay saturation point.  However, if you haven’t read this great New Yorker article about his move to England and the creation ot The Clock I’m sure you’ve got a smidgen left for good ol’ Marclay.  Check out the piece here.
Information Overlord’s Weekend Reading Guide – 3/18

Information Overlord’s Weekend Reading Guide 3/03 – 3/04

Following through on the metaphor, if internet memes go “viral” does that make us information zombies?  Perhaps it does. Though real zombification will most likely be the result of an extraterrestrial space mold (and when was the last time a YouTube video went “moldy”)  Either way, I’m allowing my mind to succumb to the zombie pull, for the weekend at least.  This weekend’s reading guide is a list of some art world memes I’ve run into over the past year.  I hope you enjoy them and infect everyone you come in contact with.

Art Thoughtz with Hennesy Youngman – Like Freaky Friday, but with Jay-Z and Jerry Saltz.

Jenny Holzer’s Cat – Jenny Holzer’s cat has a Twitter account.  She’s profound like Jenny Holzer but sassy like a cat.

Sh*t Art World People Say – Funny except when I catch my self speaking like this.  Then it’s just hurtful.

Pepper Spraying Cop throughout Art History – This cop pepper sprayed with such casual grace and poise that he just seems to fit into these masterpieces.

Artist’s Statement – A video deciphering the jargon-ful and convoluted language of the artist’s statement.

Information Overlord’s Weekend Reading Guide 3/03 – 3/04

Information Overlord’s MLK Day Reading Guide

It looks like MLK doing a Malcolm X impression

What a weekend!  If I know my readers you’re either reeling and writhing on the floor wondering what happened or you’re leading an MLK day parade wearing that awesome hat and twirling that baton like you’ve never twirled before!  Either way here’s some reading material to load your conversation gun with. 

  • Depicting the most influential and widely loved civil rights leader as a giant, white, angry-looking man could have scarcely been worse for the new Washington MLK memorial.  That is, until I heard about the inscription.   Memorial planners bypassed using a quotation and opted for paraphrasing Dr. King (and paraphrasing him badly).  To me the paraphrase makes no sense.  To Maya Angelou it makes him sound like an “arrogant twit”.  Read about it here.
  • Damien  Hirst has gone and made the world his gallery.  Instead of hanging his dot paintings in one gallery for his latest exhibit, Hirst has spread them out over eleven galleries all over the world.  If you visit all of them you receive a Hirst print dedicated to you.  Basically, you have to be crazy rich to buy a Hirst or crazy rich to “win” a Hirst (or even see most of the exhibit).  Maybe I’m just in a contrary mood today, but I think it’s pretentious and pandering to jet-set collectors.  While I think it’s a bad idea, Blake Gopnik of the Daily Beast would disagree with me.  Read why here
  • Speaking of hating poor people…the Tampa Bay area isn’t exactly known for being friendly to the homeless.  And to St. Pete, who has been just plain mean, I’d like to echo the timeless words of TV’s Stephanie Tanner, “How rude!”  The Tampa Epoch has been attempting to help the homeless transition from panhandling to working through selling the paper at a profit they can keep.  Creative Loafing reports on the Epoch’s uphill battle, here.
Information Overlord’s MLK Day Reading Guide