All in the Family: An Exploration of Familial Creativity

This year is off to an exciting start, in Sarasota, with an exhibition bringing together some of the most highly influential individuals within the Sarasota art community – both as artists and educators. All in the Family is exhibited in the newly established Ice House, located right down the street from the primary colored building that was once John Chamberlain’s Studio. The Ice House was established in 2013 by Alfstad& Productions, with an aim to explore new ways to engage with the art community by reimagining art, exhibition spaces, and the art market. [Disclosure: Alfstad& is a sponsor of ART AT BAY]

Tim Jaeger, who’s mission has been to foster and maintain the local arts community along with his own studio practice (so far he’s been doing an exceptional job), curated All in the Family with artistic familial relationships in mind.  All in the Family consists of Ringling College of Art & Design faculty, as well as, their sons and daughters whom are all accomplished artists – featuring installations, paintings, videos, sculptures, drawings, and prints.

Patrick Lindhardt, Untitled 2, Monotype

Patrick Lindhardt, Untitled 2, Monotype

Master printmaker Patrick Lindhardt and his son Matthew Lindhardt, whom works with photography, address landscape as subject matter, however they each approach land space in broadly differing ways. Patrick’s monochromatic Monotypes convey dramatic landscapes that poetically suggest the beginning or aftermath of environmental disturbances.  Matthew’s photographs are digitally manipulated into industrialized landscape spheres – bringing to mind the fragility and sheer power of our surroundings.

Steven Strenk and his daughter Bianca Rylee’s mixed media works exude a playful approach with colorful and energetic color pallets, inspired by the Floridian landscape. For me, Strenk’s most compelling pieces simultaneously appear to be modern kinetic sculptures and Children’s toys. Each piece looks as though they may come to life upon turning the hand crank, and similarly aesthetically pleasing as static objects. Bianca Rylee presents the viewer with a variety of artistic media including lovely embossed Monoprints with suggestive text, such as “THE ECSTASY OF INFLUENCE”.

Kevin Dean, his daughter Molly Dean, and his son Ian Dean each have a more disparate approach to art making, and yet they are equally arresting in their chosen medium. Kevin Dean’s multimedia assemblages and installations are laden with iconography and symbology – you could literally intellectually deconstruct these works for hours and you’re still left with plenty of questions. Molly’s masterfully executed paintings and illustrations inspire admiration for her highly skilled technical abilities and acute eye for design. Ian Dean’s photographs depict delightfully cluttered, colorful spaces as a clever way to describe the individual that inhabits each space, and in doing so, depicts aspects of the individual’s surroundings on a grander scale.

Mark Anderson, his son Jarrod Anderson, and his daughter Sörine Anderson are really good at creating psychologically probing pieces through their use of space, form, and material. Mark Anderson’s sculptures assert their power by the tension that is created from the details within each piece, as well as the negative space between one form and another. Jarrod Anderson creates beautifully intricate graphite drawings — fragments of his experiences and surroundings — to create visual narratives. In order to create each drawing, Jarrod coats paper with latex paint and carves into the paint with great care to reveal the underlying surface.

Sörine Anderson, If you let them, they'll destroy you, 18K gold cast finger nail shards

Sörine Anderson, If you let them, they’ll destroy you, 18K gold cast finger nail shards

With the use of metaphor, and historical and modern mythologies as a catalyst for creation, Sörine Anderson creates intriguing sculptures that look as though they could be an ancient artifact. In this exhibition Sörine’s pieces include a melted candle made of glass, a human jaw with lead teeth, and 18K gold cast finger nail clippings.

What a pleasure to experience a show that celebrates such important figures within the Sarasota art community and the gifts that have been passed down to their children, and shared to enrich the community as a whole. Furthermore, I am delighted by the fact that the Ice House makes available a beautiful  large space that proves to give artists’ the opportunity to utilize it to its full potential, as well as give artists the ability to get quite ambitious with their medium of choice – or offer enough space for quiet contemplation.  I’m looking forward to observing Ice House’s development and impact on the arts. Welcome to the neighborhood!

All in the Family runs through Sunday, January 19th from 12 pm – 6 pm. There will be a presentation by Kevin Dean entitled “The History of Artist Relationships”, January 15th, 7-8:30 pm and a panel discussion and Q&A session with the artists on January 16th, 7-8:30 pm (both not to be missed!). Curator Tim Jaeger will be the moderator.

The Ice House is located two blocks east of Tamiami Trail, 1314 10th Street, Sarasota, FL. For more information about All in the Family and upcoming exhibitions you can visit:


Tampa and St.Pete art events 9/5 – 9/11

So here you go Lena Dunham: cool art events are in fact going on in Tampa this weekend (like always)- suck it NY (I still love you, though).

Art worth seeing                                                                                                                  

1. Looking Back Looking Forward -Sept.7th 7-10pm @ Eve’n’ Odd Gallery

This free event features the work of internationally acclaimed artist Picasso Gaglione. The artist founded the Rubber Stamp Museum and created “STAMPZINE” an early prototype of what we now know to be zines. His involvement with the Fluxus art movement in performance art is well documented from the mid 60’s to the present day.  He currently performs at art events in museums, galleries and art centers under the title “DADA machine FLUXUS”. Created with pen and ink, Gaglione carefully incorporates designs over old images — “a kind of Dada art graffiti that transforms the antique into a modern – it is witty dynamic,” says Eve ’n’ Odd Gallery’s curator Jennifer Kosharek.


2. ‘We Fucking Forgot Again’ -Venture Compound Annual Group Show –  Sept. 11, 8 p.m. @ The Venture Compound

Although the Venture Compound is usually synonymous with hip music events, they too have a few art ‘fetes’ from time to time. The annual group art show returns for a second year with works of emerging local artists. In honor 9/11, ten percent of the proceeds of the door will go to a firefighter/first responder charity. This looks promising, plus it is a very, very cool venue. Don’t miss it!


3. Collection of Deli Sacilotto and New Visions: Contemporary Artist SeriesEnds Sept. 8th @ The Florida Museum of the Photographic Arts

Feast your eyes on Edward S. Curtis Photogravures from the Collection of Deli Sacilotto, plus works by Jim Reynolds, Edmund Fountain and Sissi Farassat. Hurry and get your fix of this wonderful photo exhibit before it goes on Sept. 8th!

The New-Visions show is comprised of several world-renowned and cultural diverse photographers whose themes include Middle Eastern aesthetic and history, the legacy of modernism and contemporary consumerism, and local photojournalism.

The Edward S. Curtis Photogravues collection represents a portion of the twenty-volume photographic portfolio Curtis created as he traveled across the Southwest, where he photographed the daily lives and rituals of the Apache, Navaho, Zuni, and Yuma.

4. Wire, Paper, Steel by Dominique Labauvie – Reception and Artist talk -Sept.5th  5-7pm @ Gallery 221 at HCC

Come to Gallery 221@HCC Dale Mabry campus to enjoy a philosophical discussion of Dominique’s work between the artist himself and UT’s associate professor, writer and artist Gregg Perkins.

arts_listings_wire-steel_081513   From the exhibition ‘Wire, Paper, Steel’ at Gallery 221@HCC

Learn to make art

Both courses are taking place and arranged by Florida Museum of Photographic Arts- you can find more info about prices and other courses on their website.

1. Sunset Safari Sept. 5th– 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Instructor Chip Weiner shows students how to capture the sublime nature of the setting sun and the nighttime sky.

2. The Five-Minute Portrait Sept. 10th 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

This class, taught by photographer and journalist Joseph Gamble, demystifies infrared and wireless lighting triggers for making portraits under pressure, often with only one speedlite.

Art@Bay on ARTICULATE: The Paradox of Bart Johnson

An exhibition of work by artist Bart Johnson opens at Mindy Solomon Gallery in St. Pete this Saturday. Image credit: Bart Johnson, ‘Sonny Boy,’ oil on paper.

Bart Johnson’s work is a bit of a painting paradox: it’s at once inside and outside.

Johnson is a well-trained artist. He received his Bachelors in Fine Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University and went on to receive his Masters in Fine Arts from the legendary School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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Art@Bay on ARTICULATE: Pinellas Arts Calendar 11/01 – 11/07

Barbie, a painting by child prodigy Autumn de Forest, goes on display with other of her works Nov. 2 – 11 at Syd Entel Galleries.

This week’s picks have some finely tuned themes that should serve up intriguing exhibits. We’ll be checking out shows built around the alphabet, golf, and a fourth grader. Double-knot your shoelaces and fill the canteen – you won’t want to miss any of these.

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Art@Bay on ARTICULATE – Creature Comforts: Interview with Calan Ree

Daniel Mrgan x Calan Ree
Mixed Media

The world of Calan Ree is populated by curious, dark, a bit funny, doomed and often dead characters. The popular St. Petersburg artist crafts her microcosm using mediums varying from clay to computer illustration. Calan currently has a sculpture created with fellow artist Daniel Mrgan featured in Bluelucy Gallery’s DUOS group exhibit. I was recently able to catch up with her to ask her about the collaboration, her inspiration, and plans for what’s next.

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Tampa Weekend Art Guide

Tempus Projects – Between Earth and Sky

Tempus Projects – Between Earth and Sky

Opening reception Fri 10/19 7pm-10pm

Tempus Projects’ latest offering is the first exhibit from the Tampa Photography Collective.  The group meets monthly at the Tempus Projects space to share and discuss new work.  This show marks the first time they’ve exhibited as a group.

Good photography is difficult to come by and a medium not often seen at Tempus Projects.  This is partly why the exhibit would be especially worth a visit.  Also, though, the collective is made up of some very talented photographers – for example, check out Becky Flanders or Chris Otten.  This exhibit was specifically recommended in Creative Loafing’s Fall Arts Preview.  I suspect it won’t be difficult to see why.  I definitely suggest taking the opportunity to see all of these artists exhibiting together.

Tampa Museum of Art – Art After Dark

Fri 10/19 8pm-11pm $10

The TMoA’s quarterly art party, Art After Dark, is once again upon is.  This quarter’s installment features FIVE by FIVE, a benefit for the Arts Council of Hillsborough.  Over 600(?!) pieces of 5 x 5 inch art will be for sale at the cost of $25.  There is a bit of a catch, though: the artist’s name is only provided upon purchase.  Further, the “partial” list published on the event’s website contains over 340 artists (again, ?!).  Though it may be difficult sans names, look out for work from Neverne Covington, Vince Kral, Rebecca Sexton Larson, Kim Radatz, and Josette Urso.  This is one of those collecting opportunities that shouldn’t be missed: the art is wildly affordable and it benefits art grants.  It would be morally wrong to miss it.  Fair warning: I’m gunning for that Josette Urso.  If you’ve got your eye on her work I advise you get there early and be prepared to be challenged to the circle of death.

Art@Bay on ARTICULATE – Visual Art Calendar 10/18 – 10/24

The Pinellas arts scene can’t easily be pinned down – we’re a pretty diverse bunch.  For the well-rounded arts lover that you are, this is likely a point of pride. This week we’re getting even more rounded, as our picks range from the hell-raising to the heartwarming.

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How to Make Art and the Gallery For It

J. Alderiso, Untitled, Charcoal

The aesthetics of artwork in any exhibit carries the burden of an art critic’s reckoning.  This reckoning, though, generally glosses over the endless business of art: lighting, insurance, contracts, pricing, delivery, labels, publicity, refreshments.  Further, artists are independent thinkers by nature, and organizing them into a group exhibit can be a challenge in itself.  It’s not unlike Moses leading the exodus… if the Israelites were feral cats.

This underscores the importance of student galleries.  Many, perhaps even most art students never grow up to be artists.  Rather, a great number somehow muster enough rationality to opt for a more level-headed career such as curating, consulting, dealing and so on.  A student gallery not only shows how to produce gallery-worthy art, but also a gallery worthy of art.  While student galleries are standard on most University campuses, they are often conspicuously missing from junior and community colleges.  Thus the opening of MAZE Gallery, Hillsborough Community College’s new student gallery, is especially welcome.  Further,  EMERGE – the gallery’s inaugural exhibit – seems to suggest that the students are getting the lesson.

Stephanie Julianna Wadman, untitled, mixed media encaustic

In regards to the art: as with most student group exhibits, artists still in development, the offering was a bit of a mixed bag compared to typical commercial galleries.  However, a number of pieces stood out as especially mature.  For example artist, J. Alderiso exhibited work in charcoal as well as video.  Though two very different mediums, the style was consistent and well thought out.  Her untitled abstract charcoal pieces particularly display a familiarity with the medium as well as composition.  The pieces use a mix of abstract and figurative styles that is beginning to get tired in painting but feels fresh in charcoal.

Another example are the prints of Jeffrey Agno Chin.  The work seems to reference maps or diagrams which in turn feel to lend a spacial-temporal anchor…or maybe I’m just a map-nerd and couldn’t stop staring at them.  Seriously, the prints carry some sort of attachment to a time and place that communicates itself effectively.

It’s telling that I nearly forgot to ask if the students also set up the gallery for the exhibit.  It takes a considerable amount of work to build something as meticulously unobtrusive as a gallery setting.  Selecting work to include and where to hang it is an art in itself.  When done well, these things aren’t conspicuous.  Rather, as was the case, they only make themselves plain when sought out.

Mixed media print/drawings by Jeffrey Agno Chin

EMERGE was a good exhibit and MAZE Gallery a promising venue.  What’s particularly significant is that the exhibit and gallery are also a reason for optimism.  While at times artistic talent can be had naturally or by self-instruction, the practical skills needed for an art-world career are a bit more scarce.    Real life experience in making art as well as preparing a gallery around it is invaluable.  Public praise to HCC for making that opportunity even more accessible.

Art@Bay on ARTICULATE: Pinellas Arts Guide 10/11 – 10/17

Art is yours for the taking during Free Art Friday, all day today on the 600 Block in St. Petersburg.

Second Saturday is nigh! Yes, St. Pete’s Second Saturday, our monthly art holiday, is nearly here again. There is a lot of art to see and fun to be had. Though your list of stops may be long, here are a few must-see suggestions to add to it.

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Tampa Art Guide 10/03, 04, and 05!

Sometime in the early ’90’s I constantly wore several slap bracelets on each arm.  I did this to maximize the use I could extract from the bracelets before they inevitably fell out of favor with fashion. The Tampa Art scene seems to be packing events into the first half of October as if it were similarly about to go out of style, so to say.  Seriously, though, its only an expression: good art will never go out of style.  But just in case, you better head to all of these.  Consider the line-up for the next three days.

MAZE Gallery, HCC – EMERGE Art Exhibition

Opening Reception Wed 10/03 4:30pm-7:00pm

Gallery 221 at Hillsborough Community College has emerged to be an important gallery in an art scene that feels like it’s just picking up steam.  University galleries can often and easily be dismissed, with community college galleries hardly receiving any consideration at all.  At HCC, though, skillful curating has kept the gallery relevant and interesting.  Wednesday the school celebrates the opening of a brand new venue: MAZE Gallery.  The space will exhibit the work of current students and HCC alumni.  The importance of student galleries in colleges deserves a blog post unto itself.  I’ll just say that this space was a surprising move for a school of this size, but a great decision.  Stop by Wednesday evening to catch some student work in the gallery’s inaugural exhibit.

Tempus Projects – REDUCED5

Closing Reception Thur 10/04 6:30pm-8:30pm

The REDUCED5 juried exhibit ends this Saturday with a reception to close things out.  the black and white themed show is juried by its creator Kurt Piazza.  Honestly, in terms of quality, juried exhibits in our area are usually hit and miss at best.  Perhaps it’s the parameters set on the work, but there is nary a weakling in the bunch here.  Further, much of the work comes with a price tag that could likely fit your budget.  While you’re there keep an eye out for the witty work of freshly gone Ryann Slauson among others.

Box on 5th – Vince Kral: FanAddict

Opening Reception Fri 10/05 7:30pm-10:00pm

The new gallery’s fourth exhibit is a solo exhibit featuring the work of local artist Vince Kral.  Though I haven’t spotted an artist statement yet, I’m familiar with his art.  Kral’s work often deals with complex ideas of pop-culture, consumption of images, authorship, and so on.  However, his art is delivered with an intelligent humor making his work accessible.  Kral often treads some conceptual ground that we don’t often see from local artists.  For example, check out his Sponsor Vince Suit.  Anyhow, you can expect to see an especially engaging exhibit at a venue that has been bringing crowded receptions since its opening.