All in the Family: An Exploration of Familial Creativity

This year is off to an exciting start, in Sarasota, with an exhibition bringing together some of the most highly influential individuals within the Sarasota art community – both as artists and educators. All in the Family is exhibited in the newly established Ice House, located right down the street from the primary colored building that was once John Chamberlain’s Studio. The Ice House was established in 2013 by Alfstad& Productions, with an aim to explore new ways to engage with the art community by reimagining art, exhibition spaces, and the art market. [Disclosure: Alfstad& is a sponsor of ART AT BAY]

Tim Jaeger, who’s mission has been to foster and maintain the local arts community along with his own studio practice (so far he’s been doing an exceptional job), curated All in the Family with artistic familial relationships in mind.  All in the Family consists of Ringling College of Art & Design faculty, as well as, their sons and daughters whom are all accomplished artists – featuring installations, paintings, videos, sculptures, drawings, and prints.

Patrick Lindhardt, Untitled 2, Monotype

Patrick Lindhardt, Untitled 2, Monotype

Master printmaker Patrick Lindhardt and his son Matthew Lindhardt, whom works with photography, address landscape as subject matter, however they each approach land space in broadly differing ways. Patrick’s monochromatic Monotypes convey dramatic landscapes that poetically suggest the beginning or aftermath of environmental disturbances.  Matthew’s photographs are digitally manipulated into industrialized landscape spheres – bringing to mind the fragility and sheer power of our surroundings.

Steven Strenk and his daughter Bianca Rylee’s mixed media works exude a playful approach with colorful and energetic color pallets, inspired by the Floridian landscape. For me, Strenk’s most compelling pieces simultaneously appear to be modern kinetic sculptures and Children’s toys. Each piece looks as though they may come to life upon turning the hand crank, and similarly aesthetically pleasing as static objects. Bianca Rylee presents the viewer with a variety of artistic media including lovely embossed Monoprints with suggestive text, such as “THE ECSTASY OF INFLUENCE”.

Kevin Dean, his daughter Molly Dean, and his son Ian Dean each have a more disparate approach to art making, and yet they are equally arresting in their chosen medium. Kevin Dean’s multimedia assemblages and installations are laden with iconography and symbology – you could literally intellectually deconstruct these works for hours and you’re still left with plenty of questions. Molly’s masterfully executed paintings and illustrations inspire admiration for her highly skilled technical abilities and acute eye for design. Ian Dean’s photographs depict delightfully cluttered, colorful spaces as a clever way to describe the individual that inhabits each space, and in doing so, depicts aspects of the individual’s surroundings on a grander scale.

Mark Anderson, his son Jarrod Anderson, and his daughter Sörine Anderson are really good at creating psychologically probing pieces through their use of space, form, and material. Mark Anderson’s sculptures assert their power by the tension that is created from the details within each piece, as well as the negative space between one form and another. Jarrod Anderson creates beautifully intricate graphite drawings — fragments of his experiences and surroundings — to create visual narratives. In order to create each drawing, Jarrod coats paper with latex paint and carves into the paint with great care to reveal the underlying surface.

Sörine Anderson, If you let them, they'll destroy you, 18K gold cast finger nail shards

Sörine Anderson, If you let them, they’ll destroy you, 18K gold cast finger nail shards

With the use of metaphor, and historical and modern mythologies as a catalyst for creation, Sörine Anderson creates intriguing sculptures that look as though they could be an ancient artifact. In this exhibition Sörine’s pieces include a melted candle made of glass, a human jaw with lead teeth, and 18K gold cast finger nail clippings.

What a pleasure to experience a show that celebrates such important figures within the Sarasota art community and the gifts that have been passed down to their children, and shared to enrich the community as a whole. Furthermore, I am delighted by the fact that the Ice House makes available a beautiful  large space that proves to give artists’ the opportunity to utilize it to its full potential, as well as give artists the ability to get quite ambitious with their medium of choice – or offer enough space for quiet contemplation.  I’m looking forward to observing Ice House’s development and impact on the arts. Welcome to the neighborhood!

All in the Family runs through Sunday, January 19th from 12 pm – 6 pm. There will be a presentation by Kevin Dean entitled “The History of Artist Relationships”, January 15th, 7-8:30 pm and a panel discussion and Q&A session with the artists on January 16th, 7-8:30 pm (both not to be missed!). Curator Tim Jaeger will be the moderator.

The Ice House is located two blocks east of Tamiami Trail, 1314 10th Street, Sarasota, FL. For more information about All in the Family and upcoming exhibitions you can visit:


Art at Bay’s Basel Guide 2013

MIAMI 2013

Overwhelming, I know.  The early days of December seem to bring to Miami countless exhibitors in countless fairs and just a week to check it out.  Personally, I’m even finding the abundance of guides to the Miami Art Fairs staggering.  Thus, rather than burden you with another guide we thought we’d just give you a peek into what some of the ART AT BAY staff plans on checking out and why.  See you in Miami!

Danny Olda’s Guide

My personal circumstances are only allowing a two night trip to Miami.  In order to make the most of my time I figured I’d be a nerd about it and actually list every exhibitor I specifically wanted to see in each of the fairs I’ll be heading to.  I won’t bother you with an exhaustive list but here are some of my highlights for two of the fairs I’ll be stopping by.

NADA Miami Beach-NADA (New Art Dealers Alliance) is perhaps the only non-profit fair in Miami.  This may account for the particular perk of free admission to the public.  Please don’t let this lead you to believe that this somehow reflects poorly on the caliber of the exhibitors.  My list for NADA is long but there are three I particularly wanted to see.  The Horton Gallery of Manhattan’s Lower East Side has had an impressive queue of exhibitions over the last year.  Last spring’s Trudy Benson solo show alone made my tug toward NYC just a bit more taut.  I’m also really looking forward to seeing another LES gallery at NADA: Klaus Von Nichtssagend.  As a brick and mortar gallery, Klaus has been especially supportive of digital and New Media art (e.g. check out last spring’s Sarah Ludy solo).  I’ve also especially enjoyed Klaus_eBooks – a series of interactive artist ebooks that serve up a pleasantly confusing mix of art, literature and digital art.  They are seriously interesting and offer much more interaction than many would expect from a gallery.  Finally, there’s Chelsea’s Foxy Production.  Foxy Production also consistently hosts awesome exhibits.  I especially love the work of Sterling Ruby from the Foxy Production roster and hope to see some of the artist’s work in Miami.

ART UNTITLED-ART UNTITLED is fairly new – last year was its first.  Still, it got off to a strong start with good reviews and seems set to do likewise this year.  I’m particularly stoked to see booths from some publications that I love.  My first stop will likely be with one of my favorite art bloga: Art F City.  It’s always a pleasure reading editor Paddy Johnson’s work – I saw a lot of you recently shared her New York Times piece on paying artists fairly.  When Art F City makes it to fairs they seem to find exciting ways of exhibiting/selling digital art.  This year is especially interesting.  Cloaque is an art Tumblr that is perhaps best described as a never-ending mind-eating digital tapestry.  Art F City will be premiering a print of the blog feed, a football field-sized(!) print.  Take a second to check out Cloaque, you’ll quickly get an idea of how awesome this print could be.  UNTITLED will also feature booths from a couple of arts and culture mags that particularly enjoy: Esopus and Cabinet.  Both are a bit difficult to find in local book stores so I snatch them up whenever I see them.  Stopping by their booths in Miami may be good time to finally get subscriptions.  I also need to mention the Jeff Bailey Gallery.  A sports metaphor?  Jeff Bailey sort of reminds me of the Rays: they’ve developed a strong roster of artists through emerging artists/farming.  There’s something special about a gallery with this kind of quality that is also so open to emerging talent.  Check out their past exhibits to see what I mean (or better yet, check them out at UNTITLED).

Victoria Casal-Data’s Guide

I’m happy to announce that I will be making my rounds through Basel with press pass and camera in hand. I will be crafting top ten lists based on a few fairs for Beautiful/Decay. Last year I was unable to enjoy Basel properly due to school, but now I am free to conquer Basel with all my might. Looking forward to meeting art bloggers, artists, and gallery owners. You will find me in the following:


Art Basel Miami-Art Basel can be quite intimidating…there is a lot to see. It is also quite pricey, but honestly, it is worth your $$$. It is held in the Miami Beach Convention Center. From the old Modern masters, to the top contemporary artists, you can find everything here. My favorite thing about Art Basel would have to be their out most responsibility to make it a solid international Art fair. You will find galleries from Eastern Europe to South America. The diversity is quite compelling,  and it will create an interesting multicultural dialogue within you, and amongst those that are around you.

PULSE-PULSE Miami, now in its eighth year, has become one of the leading Contemporary art fairs held in Miami. The PULSE venue is split into two distinct parts. One section of the fair is comprised of gallery booths showcasing works of multiple artists. The other section, IMPULSE, is dedicated to select galleries featuring works by a single artist. Artists who have work on display in this section are put in the running for a cash prize, which is awarded to one artist at the end of the fair. Last year, German artist Nadine Wottke was honored with this unique distinction for her porcelain relief sculptures. One of my favorites on display is the Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery

José Parlá, DeKalb Avenue Station, 2011 Acrylic, ink, oil, collage, plaster and enamel on canvas Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery

José Parlá, DeKalb Avenue Station, 2011
Acrylic, ink, oil, collage, plaster and enamel on canvas
Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery

NADA– As Danny mentioned, this fair is one of the few non-profit fairs at Basel.  Twenty-five galleries from fourteen countries will be on hand with works from emerging global artists. Look for these upcoming galleries: Marlborough Chelsea, SculptureCenter, Alden Projects, American Contemporary, Nicelle Beauchene, Brennan and Griffin and Callicoon Fine Arts.  NADA’s “special invite” preview is on December 5th, which I will be attention, is from 10am to 2pm. The fair is open to the public — free of charge — after 2pm on the 5th and through Sunday, December 8.

Robert Lazzarini motel door (kicked-in), 2012 With Marlborough Chelsea Gallery

Robert Lazzarini
motel door (kicked-in), 2012
With Marlborough Chelsea Gallery

Miami Project- Miami Project, the fair  started last year by the ArtMrkt fair group (whose events include Texas Contemporary and ArtMrkt Hamptons), is returning for a second edition. Fifty-six galleries are on tap, including the most famous of most: Fredericks & Freiser, and Yossi Milo.

Ring Master, 2013 Ink, acrylic, and glitter on paper: 30 x 22 inches With the Fredericks & Freiser Gallery

Ring Master, 2013
Ink, acrylic, and glitter on paper: 30 x 22 inches
With the Fredericks & Freiser Gallery

Brazil Art Fair– Brazil will getting a lot of attention this year with over 40 galleries exhibiting at the new Brazil ArtFair running from December 3 to 8 in Woodson Park on NW 36th Street in Midtown. Their goal is “to go beyond your everyday art fair…with a private initiative for the promotion and internationalization of Brazil’s art market,” the fair’s founder Michel Serebrinsky explained to Art Info. Some galleries to watch: Multiplique Boutique, Lourdina Jean Rabieh, and Paralelo Gallery.

Panta Rhei, folhas sintéticas, 2012 Lourdina Jean Rabieh Gallery

Panta Rhei, folhas sintéticas, 2012
With Lourdina Jean Rabieh Gallery

Parties/Art & Music Events

Basel Castle – Basel Castle, produced by the Overthrow Collective in association with Embrace and ABV Gallery, is an art and music festival combining street artists and upcoming electronic musicians. The fair, on view all day on Dec.7th, includes unique interactive games, installations, exhibitions, and live performances by both the artists and musicians. The line-up includes Nychos, Skinner, Matt W Moore, Meggs, Jeremyville, Buff Monster, Madsteez, and a DJ set by SBTRKT,  amongst others.


Hyperallergic’s cocktail part at Aqua Art Miami- On Friday, December 6, from 6 to 8 pm, our favorite blog, Hyperallergic, will be hosting their second cocktail party at Aqua Art Miami (1530 Collins Avenue, South Beach, FL). Great opportunity to meet with the brilliant writers; Danny and I will definitely try to talk to Alicia Eler about her Selfie theories while having a cocktail or two. You can RSVP here.

Hyperallergic’s ‘Blogger’s Tour’ of Art Miami-On Saturday, December 7, at 11am, you can join Hyperallergic’s editors Hrag Vartanian, Mostafa Heddaya, and Jillian Steinhauer at Art Miami and Context for an hour-long tour of the fair. The tour includes stops at the fair’s highlights, and an opportunity to engage in dialogue with dealers, who will be available to answer questions about the artworks on display. The tour will be followed by a lively Informal discussion. You can RSVP here.

Juxtapoze Magazine Party– Juxtapoz  is moving into a private beach house at the Shore Club (1901 Collins Avenue, South Beach) for a four-day series of parties and events with San Francisco’s Chandran Gallery. They’ve scheduled art installations by Geoff McFetridge, Andrew Shoultz, Monica Canilao and SWOON, and even an evening hosted by Shepard Fairey. The spot will be happening from December 4 until the 7th, but many of the parties are invite only.

Darkside visual and audio exhibition – Milk Studios and Moishes Moving are hosting an incredible show with Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington’s Darkside and an art installation by Children of the Light. The showcase space is located at 318 NW 23rd Street. Darkside will be performing on the 5th of Dec at 10pm.

Shlohmo – American electronic musician from Los Angeles, Shlohmo will be performing at Bardot on Dec. 7. Since I will attending Bastle Castle that night, I will be missing this show. However, if you are a fan of innovative, downtempo electronic music, this is the show for you.

Sarasota Art Events: 2013 – 2014 Season

SRQThere’s a lot to look forward to in the Sarasota art scene these next few months – here are a few notable exhibitions and spaces to consider visiting for your viewing pleasure:

Art Center Sarasota

Art Center Sarasota has a lot of new and compelling exhibitions in store for the community this season – from public sound installation art, to international art from their sister city: Tel Mond, Israel.

CUBEMUSIC and Sun Boxes are ongoing projects created by the artist and musician, Craig Colorusso. As you enter each space (either indoors or out) you are transported to a realm that heightens your senses and awareness of your surroundings, through Colorusso’s exhilarating use of space, time, light, and sound.

Pulp Culture is an exhibition curated by Emma Thurgood that highlights art pieces that are created out of paper in a non-traditional fashion. It’s a light and playful exhibition that is sure to delight each of its viewers, and offer new perspectives on how to utilize paper as an art form.

You can view more information about Art Center Sarasota and its current exhibitions HERE.

Two Columns Gallery and Crossley Gallery

Two Columns Gallery and Crossley Gallery primarily consist of artworks created by students from the Ringling College of Art and Design Fine Arts Department. Viewers should attend each show with an open mind, and not expect to see “art” in a traditional sense. Instead you will find “art” redefined and expanded upon. There is a lot of young creative energy within each show and you’ll experience insight into the direction artists are headed. Also, be sure to keep an extra close eye on these galleries because many of their shows are short-lived. Recently Two Columns Gallery had a one night only show, titled Mapping a Site: In and Out of Context consisting of artwork created by faculty, Ringling students, and exchange students from Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland and Sint Lucas and Royal Academy, Antwerp, Belgium as a collaborative effort. The show was phenomenal and I am so glad I got the chance to see it! So again, keep a really, really close eye on these galleries.

Ice House

I haven’t been to this space, as I believe it’s not open yet, but it looks to be an interesting endeavor. Ice House’s first show will be November 14th and it promises contemporary 3-D art… we shall wait and see what kind of impact the Ice House will have on Sarasota’s art scene – Looks promising.

Sarasota Museum of Art


Lisa Hoke

Lisa Hoke installation (detail)

Lisa Hoke installation (detail)

Installation artist, Lisa Hoke, will be coming to Sarasota to install a large-scale installation made of a variety of recycled packaging materials. The installation will be created from January 15th – February 4th and the community is invited to visit SMOA to watch Lisa’s creative process!

The John & Mable Ringling Museum of Art 

The Ringling is a huge asset to the Sarasota community and there is indeed something for everyone to enjoy:

Josephs Coat, by artist James Turrell, is one of my personal favorites. Viewers can walk into the space, lie down (or sit), and view the sky through a square shape in the ceiling. At night LED lights illuminate the space, altering our perceptions of colors that are present in the night sky.

Art of Our Time – nowHERE is filled with exciting events to look forward to! It’s sure to keep us all stimulated for the next couple of months!

Ringling Underground is an art and music event that takes place in the evening, once a month. Several bands entertain visitors as they view contemporary art displayed in the courtyard. Exhibitions within the Museum are also open for visitors to peruse. The next Ringling Underground takes place February 6th, 2014.

Are there any other events or exhibition spaces I’ve missed that you feel should be brought to my, and readers, attention? Please let us know in the comments below!

Tampa Bay and St.Pete Art Events: 10/3 -10/11/2013

subSURFACE, Mixed Media by Stacy Rosende, Opens Oct. 3 (Reception is Thu., Oct. 10, 5-7 p.m., including an artist talk on color, texture and meaning, around 6 p.m) at HCC Dale Mabry Gallery

Sharing her observations and impressions through oil and wax paintings, elaborate monotype prints, and cast sculptures, local artist Stacy Rosende expresses to the viewer how her experiences in her recent residency in Venice helped shift her focus and experimentation in her works. Free admission.

Mixing Metaphors: The Aesthetic, the Social and the Political in African American Art, Works from the Bank of America Collection– Opens Oct.5th at the Museum of Fine Arts in St.Pete

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 6.16.19 PMSource:

A group of African American artists take on real-world and aesthetic issues from family life to abstraction. “Mixing Metaphors” gathers together approximately 100 paintings, prints, photographs and sculptures by 36 artists including Carrie Mae Weems, Dawoud Bey, Romare Bearden, Lorna Simpson, Faith Ringgold and Jacob Lawrence.

Sea of Tranquility –Opens Oct.5th at the Tampa Museum of Art

Belgian artist Hans Op de Beeck’s 2010 art movie “Sea of Tranquillity” makes a debut at the Tampa Museum of Art. Op de Beeck’s 30-minute video places a cast of human actors aboard the digitally animated ship. Op de Beeck’s striking visual compositions keep a viewer riveted.

Arp, Calder, and Miro: Modern Masters from the Albright-Knox Art Gallery Opens Oct. 5th-Tampa Museum of Art

Featuring a comprehensive array of fifty-two works across varied media by Jean (Hans) Arp (French, born Germany, 1886–1966), Joan Miró (Spanish, 1893–1983), and Alexander Calder (American, 1898–1976), this exhibition will highlight the work of three modern masters, who pushed color, line, and form beyond convention.

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 6.06.17 PMSource: Tampa Art Museum Website

Modern Saints:  Santiago Echeverry– Opens Oct.7th – Reception Oct.17th at HCC Ybor Gallery

The University of Tampa art professor, Colombian-born artist presents an exhibition of digital photography, prints and alternative video at HCC-Ybor’s School of Visual and Performing Arts Gallery. The group of digital photos studies the fears of younger generations and, in particular, the way they have been able to overcome them successfully — all by way of the dichotomy between realism and hyper-pixilation.

Imago: Art Exhibition by Emily Elliott –Opens Oct. 7 at USF Oliver Gallery

This exhibit investigates physical and psychological instincts like self-preservation and protection. The artist visually represents this response to loss and the nature of emotional defense mechanisms, giving physical weight and biological attributes to abstract emotions and psychological responses. Utilizing life-casting in my process, she begins with a human figure whose surface is built up, torn, sliced away and built up again, acting as the metaphorical battle ground on which the struggles of the emotional psyche take form. FREE

The Mark of Cain
-Mon, Oct 7 at 7 pm, FAH 101 at USF FAH Building Free event

Join us for a USF premiere showing of Alix Lambert’s documentary The Mark of Cain (2000), filmed in Russia’s notorious prisons, chronicling the vanishing practice of Russian criminal tattoos. Q & A session with Alix Lambert will follow the premiere.

Safe Return Doubtful
Thurs, Oct 10 at 7 pm
FAH 101 at USF FAH Building, Free event


Source: School of Art and Art History USF

The USF School of Art & Art History presents a lecture by Alix Lambert, the 2013 USF Kennedy Family Artist in Residence, based on her chronological exhibition that contained the photographic series The Marriage Project (1993), for which she got married – and divorced – with three men and a woman over a period of six months; the series Male Pattern Baldness (1994); her documentary The Mark of Cain (2000), dealing with the tattoos of Russian criminals and prisoners; and the photography series Crime (2008), about the world of crime through portraits of criminals, victims, judges, and police officers.

Sources: Creative Loafing & USF School of Art and Art History

Get Yourself Featured in Art at Bay


Art at Bay wants to get connected with artists everywhere. We want to see your art, we want to share your art, we want to write about your art.

Every two weeks, we will be asking our readers to submit one of their pieces and its info to our email:

 After we’ve received your submissions, we will review them and select a few to share on our Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook pages.

We will also be selecting one submission and featuring it in our blog; we will write about the piece and the artist.

This is a great opportunity to get your artwork noticed!

Keep up with our social media sites and the blog to see the submission and deadline dates, and of course to find out if you’ve been selected!

Excited to see what you guys have in store for us!

– The Art at Bay Team

Tampa Bay and St.Pete Art Events: 9/27/13-10/4/13

ARTofficial Intelligence II: The Second Annual St.Pete Robot Exchange– Fri, Sept. 27th, 8pm at The Sake Bomb in St.Pete


Come check out some art, music, and robots. Tampa bay most talented artists and musicians will be exhibiting/ demonstrating interesting works to appease intergalactic robots bent on earth’s destruction! $2 cover

The Observatory– Closing Reception on Fri., Sept. 27, 7 p.m at the William and Nancy Oliver Gallery USF


This exhibition by Genevieve Godcharles and Julia Rose Fowler explores personal identity through real and surreal occurrences using the mediums of photography, video, and surveillance. Tensions arise when taking on the role of the viewer or the one being viewed, enforcing a confrontation of personal identity or the unknown identity of others. Unveiling of an individual’s personal space allows the audience to observe these intimate situations. Free.

Tomás Marais: A Retrospective at the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art  (Tarpoon Springs)

The exhibition explores the works of Tampa artist and Cuban native, Tomas Marais. His work is known for its bold colors and stylized, elongated forms.

Pulp– Opening reception on Wed.,Oct. 2 at 4:30 p.m. at the Maze Gallery @ HCC-Ybor

Pulp, a visual art exhibition at MAZE Gallery in the heart of historic Ybor City. Pulp is an exhibition of paper-based works from HCC art students working in 2D and 3D paper media. Pulp is a lignocellulosic fibrous material prepared by separating cellulose fibers from wood, fiber crops or waste paper.

Evening Curator’s Tour: SubRosa– Oct 3rd, 6-7pm at the Contemporary Art Museum

Join curator Noel Smith for an evening tour of CAM’s fall exhibition, SubRosa: The Language of Resistance. Free

Icons of Style -Opening Oct.4th at the Ringling Museum of Art (Sarasota)

Icons 2007.828Image Credit: Ringling Museum of Art

Drawing on the MFA Boston’s rich collection of costumes, fashion illustration, and photography, the exhibition will explore the process of creating icons of style from design concept to runway and finished image. The show includes works by John Galliano for Dior, Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, Olivier Theyskens for Rochas, Arnold Scaasi, Christian Lacroix, and others.

Tampa and St.Pete Art Events : 9/20/13-9/27/13

This upcoming weekend and week in the arts:

Pawn Shop-Sat., Sept. 21, 7-11 p.m. at Workspace in Seminole Heights
For those of you that didn’t know, Workspace is Seminole Heights’ newest gallery. They will be presenting Tampa Talent in an exhibition called Pawn Shop. In it there are works inspired by the neon signs, bright colors and in-your-face messages of American Pawn Shop advertising. Chris Kelly, curator, gathers works that explore the vocabulary and iconography of the Pawn Shop language. All works are acrylic on wood panel that are hand-painted and screen printed. Free

pawn_shop_sign_picPhoto Credits: Creative Loafing

6th Annual Artists’ Market , Sept. 21-22 at Leepa-Rattner Museum of Artin Tarpon Springs

Browse original works by more than 35 local artists inside the museum – more festivities throughout the day for everyone to enjoy! Free

Eat this, Sat., Sept. 21, 7 p.m. at Bluelucy in Downtown in St.Pete
Bluelucy, the recently awarded Best of Bay gallery, takes on a difficult task as it tries to convey the power of food through the artwork of local artists. The exhibit’s reception for The Art of Food, will offer an extension of Dan Schmidt’s kitchen service, focusing on home-cooked appetizers, soups, entrees and desserts at 7 p.m. Free

1240428_643819802317801_810535178_n   Photo Credits: Bluency

Stuffed: A Pseudo Taxidermy ShowSat Sept. 21 at The Bricks of Ybor

In the spirit of Dr. Seuss’ “Unorthodox Taxidermy,” this fantasy taxidermy show boasts artists’ stuffed creatures that will be unexpectedly mounted along the walls of The Bricks. Free

Color Acting Discussion-Sun., Sept. 22, 3pm at Museum of Fine Arts

Come join in on the panel discussion with artists Jessica Eaton and Jessica Labatte for the final day of Color Acting- the museum’s most recent exhibition. Color Acting brings together works from the permanent collection–as well as some special loans–that exhibit the properties of color and its effects on visual perception. Both artists, represented in Color Acting, discuss their work, the larger implications of the exhibition, and the influence of Josef Albers. The conversation kicks off at 3pm, don’t be late. $10

Barbad GolshiriMon., Sept. 23, 3pm at the USF Contemporary Art Museum
Iranian artist Barbad Golshiri will speak about his work at CAM in a conversation with curator Noel Smith. Golshiri’s installation, Distribution of the Sacred System, currently in display at the Contemporary Art Museum, addresses the theocracy’s manipulation of religion for political and ideological ends. The work, which combines sculpture with prints of schematic drawings and text in Persian, is full of puns and double entendres that mask its horrific indictment. Make sure to come to this thought provoking lecture. Free

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 9.27.56 AM     Barbad Golshiri, Distribution of the Sacred System, 2010

ARTofficial Intelligence II: The Second Annual St.Pete Robot Exchange– Fri, Sept. 27th, 8pm at The Sake Bomb in St.Pete

Come check out some art, music, and robots. Tampa bay most talented artists and musicians will be exhibiting/ demonstrating interesting works to appease intergalactic robots bent on earth’s destruction! $2 cover

0857526b_artshoww       Photo Credits: Creative Loafing

Tampa and St.Pete Art Events 9/12/13-9/18/13

This upcoming weekend (and the rest of the week) Tampa and St.Pete art events that are worth your time. Make sure to check these out!

The Life and Times of Frida Kahlo

Opening Thursday, September 12th, 2013 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Florida Museum of the Photographic Arts

See the first show at the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts under the supervision of new director Jane Simon. Works showcase important images from Lola Álvarez Bravo, Lucienne Bloch, Imogen Cunningham, Leo Matiz, Nickolas Muray, Emmy Lou Packard, Guillermo Zamora, among others and showcase snapshots of the political figures Kahlo turned to for inspiration and friendship. $10 Suggested Donation

Filter/Border: An Instagram Exhibition

Opening reception on Fri., Sept. 13, 7:00-10:00 p.m. at CL Space in Ybor (1911 N 13th St Suite W200) FREE

Instagram has evolved from a tech-geek photo-formatting app to a full-blown social networking platform.  Filter/Border: An Instagram Exhibition, Tempus Projects’ 2013 inaugural showcase exhibits selected photographs that were taken with the app by Tampa Locals.The artists included in the show have used the popular app to shape light, color and imagery in ways that defy our expectations of a simple snapshot. Also, be sure to raise a toast to the photographers at a post-show party at the Mermaid Tavern, 6719 N. Nebraska Ave., Tampa.

dothis_filter_091213Artist Jeffery Agno-Chin’s Instagram piece (Source: Creative Loafing)

Processing by Christina Humphreys

Closing Reception Fri. Sept.13th 7:00pm-9:00pm at Centre Gallery (USF) FREE

The show exhibits paintings that reference photography, digital technology and the memories of artist Christina Humphreys. The paintings in this exhibition are inspired by physical photographs and digital photographic processes. Humphreys invokes the intangibility of memories, and how humans document and store memories through photography.

2nd Saturday Art Walk in St.Pete

Sat. Sept.14th Downtown St.Pete FREE

This upcoming Saturday the 14th the studios & galleries all over St. Petersburg, Florida, swing open their doors, inviting anyone & everyone to check out their latest work for free!

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 3.26.52 PM

Warehouse Arts District “I Love the Burg” Art Walk Trolley    

Sat., Sept. 14, 5:00 p.m.

Please join us as our free Art Trolley takes you on a tour of the Warehouse Arts District incredible art galleries, warehouses and studios that are staying open late just for you! Ride the trolley to these venues or download the map to drive yourself. Media sponsors: I Love the Burg & the St. Petersburg Tribune. Free parking can be found on 1st Ave N & S from 15th St to 30th St. Some additional parking is available at all stops & in the vacant lot at the NE corner of Central Ave & 29th Street. Free

artwalkmap(Source: Warehouse Arts District)

Open Source Projects: Video Game Show                      

Fri., Sept. 13, 12 a.m. and Sat., Sept. 14, 7 p.m. at the Yo Boys Yogurt Spot in Ybor City -FREE

Open Source Project 2 is themed Video Games. Several local artists exhibiting 2d and 3d work that show the many facets of video game culture.


Last chance to see the exhibition Sept.14th at the Bluency Gallery & Studio in St.Pete -FREE

St. Petersburg’s Bluelucy Gallery & Studio has distinguished itself as a champion of the art show as a populist event, blurring the lines between fine and commercial arts and entertainment. All of the works in the Tweet-titled #artdealwithit deal with provocative content that ranges from violent to prurient to all-out disturbing. Artists include Aurailieus, Rion Sabean, Emily Dwyer, Daniel Mrgan, Robert Phelps, Adam Graham, Cat Manolis, Christopher Maslow and many others.

Joshua Decter Lecture: 
Art is a Problem

Tue, Sep 17 at 7:00PM at the 
Barness Recital Hall, USF -FREE

Curator and Critic Joshua Decter will give a talk  based on his forthcoming book, Art is a Problem. The book examines contemporary art in relation to its various ideological, public, institutional, discursive, curatorial, and social contexts.

Decter is a New York-based writer, curator, art historian, theorist, educator, and editor. Decter has contributed to Artforum, Afterall, Texte zur Kunst, Flash Art, The Exhibitionist, among other magazines and journals. He was the editor/publisher of Acme Journal in the 1990s.
the book examines contemporary art in relation to its various ideological, public, institutional, discursive, curatorial, and social contexts.

(Source: Contemporary Art Museum)

Art Thursday: Zine Fest

Thur, Sep 19 at 6:00pm at the Contemporary Art Museum, USF-FREE

Zine Fest will feature zines and handmade books by local artists Kevin Brophy, Shae Krispinsky, Gigi Lage, Allison Jai O’Dell, Kelly Steele, Grace Szeja, Yasmin Uriel, Bruce Wright, and the Tampa Drawers Sketch Gang (comprised of Neil Bender, Tim McMillan, Lauren Moradi, Justin Nelson, Sam Newton, Monica Perez, Anthony Record, Ericka Richardson, and Ville Mehtonen).

A dialogue between artist Ramon Esono Ebale and Tutu Alicante, executive director of EG justice, will begin at 7:00pm.
Free refreshments and live music.

(Source: Contemporary Art Museum)


Tampa and St.Pete art events 9/5 – 9/11

So here you go Lena Dunham: cool art events are in fact going on in Tampa this weekend (like always)- suck it NY (I still love you, though).

Art worth seeing                                                                                                                  

1. Looking Back Looking Forward -Sept.7th 7-10pm @ Eve’n’ Odd Gallery

This free event features the work of internationally acclaimed artist Picasso Gaglione. The artist founded the Rubber Stamp Museum and created “STAMPZINE” an early prototype of what we now know to be zines. His involvement with the Fluxus art movement in performance art is well documented from the mid 60’s to the present day.  He currently performs at art events in museums, galleries and art centers under the title “DADA machine FLUXUS”. Created with pen and ink, Gaglione carefully incorporates designs over old images — “a kind of Dada art graffiti that transforms the antique into a modern – it is witty dynamic,” says Eve ’n’ Odd Gallery’s curator Jennifer Kosharek.


2. ‘We Fucking Forgot Again’ -Venture Compound Annual Group Show –  Sept. 11, 8 p.m. @ The Venture Compound

Although the Venture Compound is usually synonymous with hip music events, they too have a few art ‘fetes’ from time to time. The annual group art show returns for a second year with works of emerging local artists. In honor 9/11, ten percent of the proceeds of the door will go to a firefighter/first responder charity. This looks promising, plus it is a very, very cool venue. Don’t miss it!


3. Collection of Deli Sacilotto and New Visions: Contemporary Artist SeriesEnds Sept. 8th @ The Florida Museum of the Photographic Arts

Feast your eyes on Edward S. Curtis Photogravures from the Collection of Deli Sacilotto, plus works by Jim Reynolds, Edmund Fountain and Sissi Farassat. Hurry and get your fix of this wonderful photo exhibit before it goes on Sept. 8th!

The New-Visions show is comprised of several world-renowned and cultural diverse photographers whose themes include Middle Eastern aesthetic and history, the legacy of modernism and contemporary consumerism, and local photojournalism.

The Edward S. Curtis Photogravues collection represents a portion of the twenty-volume photographic portfolio Curtis created as he traveled across the Southwest, where he photographed the daily lives and rituals of the Apache, Navaho, Zuni, and Yuma.

4. Wire, Paper, Steel by Dominique Labauvie – Reception and Artist talk -Sept.5th  5-7pm @ Gallery 221 at HCC

Come to Gallery 221@HCC Dale Mabry campus to enjoy a philosophical discussion of Dominique’s work between the artist himself and UT’s associate professor, writer and artist Gregg Perkins.

arts_listings_wire-steel_081513   From the exhibition ‘Wire, Paper, Steel’ at Gallery 221@HCC

Learn to make art

Both courses are taking place and arranged by Florida Museum of Photographic Arts- you can find more info about prices and other courses on their website.

1. Sunset Safari Sept. 5th– 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Instructor Chip Weiner shows students how to capture the sublime nature of the setting sun and the nighttime sky.

2. The Five-Minute Portrait Sept. 10th 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

This class, taught by photographer and journalist Joseph Gamble, demystifies infrared and wireless lighting triggers for making portraits under pressure, often with only one speedlite.

Tampa Art Events 2/06 – 2/12


Hillsborough has a lot worth your time this week!  At the moment I’ve got a few really exciting projects eating up all of my time (I’ll elaborate on them later this month) so I won’t be able to detail these events.  However, this is not a listing – these are my earnest recommendations.  Of the all of the events happening outside of Pinellas county this week, these are the ones you need to see.

Gallery 221@HCC – Ruby C. Williams: Farming, Family and Folk Art

Ongoing through 2/28

MAZE Gallery – Happily Never After

Opening Reception Wed 2/06 4pm

Bleu Acier – Thom O’Connor: Polymer Prints

Opening Reception Thur 2/07 5pm-9pm

USFCAM – SYCOM: Music for Open Score

Thur 2/07 6pm-8pm

Ringling Museum of Art – Ringling Underground

Thur 2/07 8pm-11pm $10

Tempus Projects – Love Lit

Sun 2/10 6pm-9pm