ART AT BAY Presents: Jonathan Sauceda


Jonathan Sauceda, a photographer and graphic designer in Miami,FL, explores themes of mythology, history, nature and the subconscious through whimsical yet eerie, black and white photographs.

Sauceda is interested in “the relationship between subject and its photographic depiction and the different levels of reality that arise from the arrangement of image, documentation, and reproduction.” He is influenced by the constructivist works by Moholy-Nagy and light study paintings of Giacomo Balla, as they both embody distortion of space in a strange but beautiful way.

The fantasy of his compositions roots from his early signs of poor vision.

What I had thought was real to my eye was actually skewed by my poor vision. My mind was filling in the rest of which my eyes couldn’t correctly see. I discovered that my vision was impaired in a way that provoked photography as an impressionist art.

Check out more of Jonathan Sauceda’s work on his site, here.Bedlight2_web ]

ART AT BAY Presents: Jonathan Sauceda

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