ART AT BAY is Searching for a Writer in Sarasota

sarasota 1First, to be clear we’re searching for a volunteer blogger.  ART AT BAY is a not-for-profit project, we don’t generate any sort of income, and the blog is entirely funded by money from Danny Olda’s beer fund (not a joke).

That said, we here at ART AT BAY do not want to neglect Sarasota.  We know Sarasota is home to awesome art schools, galleries, and artists.  Thus we’re looking for someone to join our team in order to write previews, reviews, and editorials specific to Sarasota.

You may be right for the spot if you want to:

  • Cover arts events and issues specific to Sarasota
  • Add a line to your writing/art resume
  • Refine your critical writing chops
  • Support good art locally
  • Foster serious discussion on visual art

Familiarize yourself with the blog if you haven’t already.  ART AT BAY has a pretty specific style – we’re looking for someone who at once will fit in with our team and has a unique voice.

To apply, use the form below or please send two writing samples (attachments or links) to with the subject line “WRITING SUBMISSION”.  We’ll try to reply within a month of your submission.  Have a question?  Post it in the comments below or email us.

Have friends in Sarasota obsessed with visual art?  Please share this post with them!

ART AT BAY is Searching for a Writer in Sarasota

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