ART AT BAY Presents: Natalie Kuehn

Natalie Kuehn (3)
Spillway Station
Natalie Kuehn (4)
Spillway Station (detail)

Calling Tampa based Natalie Kuehn a “visual artist” sells her short in a way.  Working in art direction, graphic design, and set design in addition to studio painting, Kuehn’s relationship with visual language extends beyond the scope of a strictly defined visual art.  Perhaps it is her paintings, though, that offer the most nuanced conversation.  Her work is often both abstract and figurative.  Painterly strokes land on and around recognizable objects.  In this way, Kuehn’s work comments on issues and ideas such as urban decay, memory, creation and destruction while also addressing concerns specific to the medium.  Check out more of Natalie Kuehn’s work on her website here.

Natalie Kuehn (5)
Painting Sketch
Natalie Kuehn (2)
Atomic Number 10
Natalie Kuehn (6)
Unending Vortex
Natalie Kuehn (1)
For the Birds
ART AT BAY Presents: Natalie Kuehn

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