Art at Bay is One Year Old!

Me and Christian Marclay!  I really nerded out and may have creeped him out a bit.  Sorry, Tampa, if he never comes back.
A highlight of the year: I got to meet (and probably weird out) Christian Marclay!

Art at Bay is officially one year old today!  The past 365 days have been wildly busy.  I started my first art blog exactly one year ago in addition to becoming a writer for three others over the course of the year.  I also had fun participating as an artist in five exhibits over the past twelve months.

More importantly, though, I’ve met some amazing and talented people who work hard everyday for Tampa Bay arts and culture.  Working with people who liberally spend their personal time and money for the sake art in our community has definitely left me a more optimistic person than I was one year ago.  I just wanted to write a short post to thank everyone that reads Art@Bay, everyone that’s had enough faith in my art/writing ability to work and collaborate with me, and really anyone that’s seen fit to give my work their time.  Thank you!


Art at Bay is One Year Old!

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