Tampa Art Events You Shouldn’t Miss

You think this is just a list of fun art to check out on the weekend?! This is about more than just ‘fun’!  Being appraised of the best of Tampa’s art is good for your character!  With so much at stake, I have no idea why anyone would miss either of these exhibits.

The Vault – SOON | USF BFA Thesis Exhibition

Opening reception Fri 11/30 6pm-9pm

I’m going to be straight with you here: I’ve never been to the Vault.  It sounds awesome and I realize I’m setting myself up to be disappointed by the venue (because I’m expecting to be walking into a huge antique bank vault).  However, I am familiar with some of the art itself – and I know you won’t be disappointed.  USF hosts their spring BFA Thesis exhibition this Friday in downtown Tampa’s The Vault.  The exhibit will be a great opportunity to spot some awesome talent soon to fully bloom (maybe around the time of their MFA exhibit?) and convince them not to move to New York City.  I’m actually familiar with the work of two show’s artists, both photographers  – Michelle Fader and Rion Sabean.  Each dramatic and engaging in their own way, Fader and Sabean’s styles couldn’t differ more.  While I can’t vouch for the other artists, you’ll enjoy the work from these two.  If you’re looking for some more reading check out these past A@B articles on Fader and Sabean.

Tempus Projects – Apophenia: Roger Chamieh

Closing reception Mon 12/03 6pm-8pm

In a way this show is especially refreshing.  Perhaps its our relatively diminutive size, but our art scene generally tends toward two-dimensional work.  While we have some amazing painters (that could honestly hold their own on a national stage) its refreshing to see large-scale three-dimensional work outside the walls of the TMoA.  Aside from that, Roger Chamieh‘s work is expertly crafted, both physically and conceptually.  The most decidedly contemporary, Chamieh clearly carries an attachment to materials and process more common in classical sculpture.  The attention to each piece is easy to spot.  Chamieh also strikes a good balance conceptually – while you may be able to feel the feeling, you can’t exactly articulate the words.  It’s easy to feel the dread and uneasiness in each piece, but clear to see that it could only be expressed in this medium.  Check out the full review of the exhibit at SVA, then head to the closing reception this Monday.

Tampa Art Events You Shouldn’t Miss

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