Art to Check Out Saturday: The Elephant in the Room

The RNC and a hurricane: it feels like Tampa Bay is writing the Daily Show’s material for them.  All we need is one more weird event to complete the trifecta.  Maybe a python invasion or something.  But take heart!  Conservatives, tempests, and serpents can’t keep good art down!  There are plenty of exhibits to check out this weekend.  However, make sure this one lands near the top of your to-see list.

CL Space – The Elephant in the Room    Sat 8/25  7pm

CL Space – The Elephant in the Room

Creative Loafing is opening its beautiful space to exhibit politically themed work this weekend.  Organized by Tempus Projects, this juried exhibition promises a high-quality showing.  Political art exhibits always run the risk of tumbling down the easy path: displaying work high on shock-and-awe aesthetics, but lacking any actual substance.  I’m pretty confident The Elephant in the Room will take the aesthetic high road favoring art that encourages critical thought over a “that’s neat” reaction.  For example, consider the drawings of Roger Palmer.  His blog, Feral Ink, has had me mesmerized for some time.  On Feral Ink, prominent characters of conservative politics are rendered as colorful drawings.  The artwork is accompanied by text that reads like the unfolding of a surreal tragedy but in reality narrates the day-to-day political landscape.

The Elephant in the Room will also feature collage work from the Silverfish Revolution.  Artists were encouraged to mail in collages which were then featured at Tempus Projects last week.  There visitors could add to the collages with materials provided by the Bluebird Books Bus.  The resulting collages will be on hand at The Elephant in the Room with another opportunity for visitors to participate in this collective collage.  Following the exhibit the collection of collages will be made into signs to protest/support the convention.  Really, expect to see a heavy show and lend an artistic hand.

Art to Check Out Saturday: The Elephant in the Room

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