Art Season Kick Off – Galleries to Check Out Saturday!

Justin Nelson, Trash Mountain, 2012

It’s finally here!  I’m not talking about the Republican National Convention.  Dust off your gallery shoes because the art season officially (according to me) begins this weekend!    A gallery on either side of the bay kicks off the season with an exhibit you need to see.

Box on 5th – Hypostasis: New and Recent Work from Justin Myers, Justin Nelson, and Danny Olda    Sat 8/11  8pm-10pm

That’s right – that’s my name in the exhibit title.  If you’re familiar with the blog, though, you know I’d be recommending this show anyway based on the other two artists alone.  I swear.  Read further if you need convincing.

Hypostasis, the show’s title is a philosophical term referring to a subject’s essential nature as opposed to its attributes.  I realize this may come off as pretentious art-speak from a usually smart-mouthed blogger.  Honestly, though, I chose the name of the exhibit because of aesthetics the three of us shared – a blend of abstraction and figuration.  Using both disparate techniques can allow an artist to open up interpretation on a subject and its concept.

Justin Myers is a Tampa artist regular – you would’ve last seen his work at the Box on 5th preview party or Tempus For the Spring.  Myers is also involved in the music scene as half of the project, Alien House, and though his amazing solo work as Diamond Man.  I’ve been a fan of Justin Nelson’s work before I was even aware he was a local artist – featured in (inter)national media such as Beautiful/Decay and Booooooom.  Nelson will be exhibiting brand new work for the Box on 5th inaugural exhibit.  I got a chance to see it this morning and was impressed: he makes use of a brighter color palette but a more austere composition.  I’ll be featuring work from a series of paintings based on magazine advertisements.  The series deals with the face and ways it’s tied to identity and language.  Also, the Blue Bird Books Bus will have a curated collection of books for you to peruse in while in the gallery.  If you’re in Tampa, the opening reception for Box on 5th’s first exhibit will definitely be worth an appearance.

 C. Emerson Fine Arts – Wicked Games    Sat 8/11  6pm-9pm

I wrote a preview for this exhibit at Articulate – check it out here.  There are a few things I’d like to add to that preview, though.  The opening exhibit for an art season is usually made to be an especially strong one for the gallery.  That makes a show like this one from a St. Pete heavy hitter like CEFA an essential visit.  In addition to the two artists I mention in the Articulate preview, an installation from artist Donna Haynes should make for a great exhibit.

Art Season Kick Off – Galleries to Check Out Saturday!

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