Off the Wagon – Your Weekend Art Binge 5/25 – 5/27

So the art season is finally winding down, not that the art actually slows down all that much around these parts.  Really, it’s surprising we don’t take much of a break over the summer.  The heat is ungodly.  Literally.  It feels like the heat is some godless and hateful sociopath around July.  Anyhow, it’s still May – we should enjoy the double-digit temperatures while we can.  On that note, we’re cranking up the A/C and heading to Mindy Solomon Gallery this weekend.

Mindy Solomon Gallery – Detailed Information    Sat 5/26  6pm-8:30pm

Artist Talk and Q&A Sun 5/27  1pm-2pm  (RSVP by 5/25 at

Mindy Solomon Gallery‘s is keeping things tame by comparison this around.  That isn’t to say that the quality of the exhibit will suffer, though.  The show features some gallery familiars that all fit the Detailed Information theme pretty snug.

The art included in Detailed Information shares a representational form, the use of narrative, and a slightly surrealist leaning.  The curator’s statement specifically mentions that the “work is minutely crafted to exacting detail, rich with narrative content”.  This may be most readily seen in the work of Marc Burckhardt.  Burkhardt’s painting Bridle is a piece I’d consider giving up my cat for (actually I’d give up my cat for much less but you get the point).  The tension in the subject matter, both literal and figurative, is pleasantly straightforward.  Further, Bridle‘s reference of classical aesthetic juxtaposes well with a subtly surrealist nature (which reminds me a bit of the work of Giorgio de Chirico; maybe its the color choice).  Also worth paying particular attention to is the work of Wookjae Maeng.  Maeng’s ghostly animal heads clearly allude to hunting trophies and trips.  The porcelain figures with creepy golden eyes address interesting issues of humans subjugating nature and the relationship between the two.

The following afternoon Mindy Solomon Gallery will host an Artist Talk and Q&A with painter Carrie Ann Baade who is also exhibiting in Detailed Information.  If you plan to attend the artist talk, however, make sure to RSVP no later than 5/25/12.

Off the Wagon – Your Weekend Art Binge 5/25 – 5/27

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