Off the Wagon – Your Weekend Art Binge 5/11 – 5/13

Lorrie Fredette, The Great Silence (detail), Beeswax, tree resin, muslin, brass, steel, nylon line
6′ 2″ H x 36′ 9″ W x 5′ 8″ D
suspended above the floor 8′ 6″
© 2011
(photo courtesy of Morean Arts Center)

Downtown St. Petersburg – 2nd Saturday Art Walk

St. Petersburg’s 2nd Saturday Art Walk has finally clawed its way out of puberty and into a fully developed art event.  Not only is the list of participating galleries becoming extensive, but  gallery attendance is ranging from full to packed for many.  Need help with your 2nd Saturday itinerary?  Here are a few of the stops I’ll be making.

C. Emerson Fine Arts – Thought Coalition    6pm-9pm                  

Disclosure: I have artwork featured in this exhibit

The art collective, Thought Coalition, takes over CEFA this Saturday night.  The loosely bound group seems to intend for it to be that way: amorphous, held together by collaboration and process.  In the past, some Thought Coalition work seemed like it would fit in better in the Crislip Arcade rather than the Chelsea style walls like those of CEFA or Mindy Solomon.  I had the opportunity to walk through this exhibit early, though, and found it strikingly different.  I realize I’m in a bit of a weird position being included in the show, but being as critically unbiased as possible: this will be an exciting show.  The show is packed (over 20 artists!) but not crowded.  I was pleased to find some of the strongest work St. Pete will have seen this season.  Allot ample time to spend in this gallery – there is a lot of art to see and the better part of it will definitely hold your attention.

Morean Arts Center – CSA Share Pick Up and Wax Exhibition    5pm-8pm

It’s time to pick up the CSA shares at the Morean Arts Center (read more about the great CSA program here).  The boxes of art are priced to be bargains – Nancy Cervenka‘s work alone makes the box worth the money you’ll drop (check out a sneak peek her contribution here).  If you haven’t purchased your share yet there are only four left.  You may want to make the Morean Arts Center your first stop if you want to pick one up before they sell out.  While you’re at the Center check out their current exhibit Wax: Medium Meets Message.  The theme of the exhibit is tied to the medium – encaustic,  a wax based paint.  Sadly, I haven’t had the chance to see the exhibit yet.  It’ll definitely be interesting to see this ancient paint used in a contemporary context.  I’m particularly looking forward to walking under Lorrie Fredette‘s installation, The Great Silence (pictured at top of post).

Studio@620 – Staged Nature    7pm  $5

I’m going to be straight with you here and tell you this video art seems a bit creepy.  I really like video art though, so for the sake of the medium alone, a walk around the block to the Studio@620 is in order.  Christopher Steven Watkins presents a series of films titled Staged Nature.  I wasn’t able to find much regarding the work and its artist but the style does seem intriguing.  Eight short films will be screened.  The first four touch on Christian ideology and the last four on Romantic ideology.  All eight use nature as a starting point.  It’s easy to see how Nature (with a capital ‘n’) relates to Romanticism, but I’m interested to see how it is used in relation to Christianity.  Live music will be featured afterwards.  All this for five measly dollars!

Off the Wagon – Your Weekend Art Binge 5/11 – 5/13

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