Information Overlord’s Weekend Reading Guide 3/24 – 3/25

fig. 1.1 - Similarities in physiognomy

Among this week’s big stories that I can’t avoid mentioning: turns out Geraldo Rivera’s a big jerk.  Well, I’m about to break this sucker wide open: Geraldo Rivera sort of looks like Teddy Roosevelt (see fig. 1.1)  Rivera has lost control of his mustache.  He’s been needing to reel that thing in for about four years now.  Now that I’ve laid that breaking news on you and we’ve got the headlines out of the way, enjoy these links.

  • HuffPost lists some unsolved art world mysteries including Van Gogh’s murder (say what?!) and the real identity of Banksy.  Check out the list here.
  • New studies regarding creativity shed some light on where good ideas come from.  It so happens those methamphetamines and brainstorming sessions won’t help so much.  Read the article at Salon here.
  • Have you ever noticed that car commercials look awfully like Tom Cruise’s dream sequence in Vanilla Sky?  Where are all the people and other cars (and the driver for that matter)?  Here is an interesting structuralist reading of car commercials.
  • This is a great essay from Triple Canopy about physical movement, a very old cartoon, capitalism, and a great video art piece.  It walks that great line of making perfect sense and making no sense.  See it here.
Information Overlord’s Weekend Reading Guide 3/24 – 3/25

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