Information Overlord’s Weekend Reading Guide 3/03 – 3/04

Following through on the metaphor, if internet memes go “viral” does that make us information zombies?  Perhaps it does. Though real zombification will most likely be the result of an extraterrestrial space mold (and when was the last time a YouTube video went “moldy”)  Either way, I’m allowing my mind to succumb to the zombie pull, for the weekend at least.  This weekend’s reading guide is a list of some art world memes I’ve run into over the past year.  I hope you enjoy them and infect everyone you come in contact with.

Art Thoughtz with Hennesy Youngman – Like Freaky Friday, but with Jay-Z and Jerry Saltz.

Jenny Holzer’s Cat – Jenny Holzer’s cat has a Twitter account.  She’s profound like Jenny Holzer but sassy like a cat.

Sh*t Art World People Say – Funny except when I catch my self speaking like this.  Then it’s just hurtful.

Pepper Spraying Cop throughout Art History – This cop pepper sprayed with such casual grace and poise that he just seems to fit into these masterpieces.

Artist’s Statement – A video deciphering the jargon-ful and convoluted language of the artist’s statement.

Information Overlord’s Weekend Reading Guide 3/03 – 3/04

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