Information Overlord’s Weekend Reading Guide: 2/18-2/19

Pepper spray in blue box. Cameras in pink boxes.

What is the one thing the internet is not saturated with?  If you said weird smells, you’re wrong.  Because the answer is images.  There are not enough pictures on the internet.  If you also have an insatiable appetite to visually document everything (and then perhaps visually document all of your visual documentation) this week’s reading guide may be for you – the theme is photography.  Enjoy the links and the rest of your weekend.

  • Who doesn’t love photobooths?  You always end up with a kiss in them.  Behind the Curtain – the Aesthetics of the Photobooth opened yesterday at the Swiss photography museum Musée de l’Elysée Lausanne.  This link is a slideshow of some of the photobooth art featured in the exhibit.  The show features artists from Andy Warhol to Cindy Sherman, from surrealism to Fluxus.
  • Daily Serving serves up this thought-provoking article about photography as sculpture and the relationship between the photo and the photographed When you jump to the article, check out the installation Who’s Afraid of Jasper Johns.  The only reason to take a photo of that installation is to force your brain to eat itself.
  • Here are some powerful images of Mexican laborers on the way to work by artist Alejandro Cartagena’s.  I think the heaven’s-eye-view only makes these photos even more sad.
Information Overlord’s Weekend Reading Guide: 2/18-2/19

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