Warm Up the Skinny Jeans, Kids – Art to Check out This Weekend! 2/17-2/19

If you’ve read the recent post “How to Take Brooding to the Max“, you know I’ve been brooding over active engagement.  I’m aware “active engagement” sounds like a left over from a PTA meeting.  But because you’re too awesome to sit idly and let the art happen to you, this weekend is your chance to engage actively to the max.

Studio@620 – Contribute: A Community Based Event   Sat 2/18  7pm-10pm     $10 (suggested donation)

I understand this may seem to be a strange recommendation given that Contribute isn’t exactly an art event.  If you’re worried about not getting your art fix (either because your fresh out of methadone or you just like checking out art every weekend) don’t stress: you’re not missing much.  The only reception I could find going on this weekend (USF Centre Gallery) had little information a lot of man cleavage.

Contribute is a public forum on community action: a panel discussion!  I love panel discussions.  For fun I call having dinner with my wife a panel discussion.  My dog enjoys it because he gets to be the moderator.  Anyhow, Contribute specifically addresses community action and participation in regards to St. Petersburg and the rest of the Bay area.  Each Contribute event has a different theme, this Saturday’s being “collaboration”.

The panel speakers will be (hang in there for this long list of creds) Hampton Dohrman, director of Creative Pinellas and founder of Hampton Arts Management; Larry Biddle, the principal at Sweet Spot Ads and director of the Tampa International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival; James Howard, publisher of Creative Loafing and Ybor City Museum Society Board of Directors member; and John Morrow, the president of Morrow Consultants, LLC.  The moderator will be Mitch Perry, Creative Loafing’s News and Politics Editor.

It’s easy to see that though this isn’t an art event, this list has some notable friends of the art scene.  No doubt, the discussion will veer in arts & culture direction during the discussion.  It’ll be interesting to see if any collaboration is born out of this forum.   You’ve been informed art-nerds – get your networking shoes on and head to the ‘Burg.  Also, if this event leaves you public-forum-hungry, word on the streets (i.e. Facebook) is that Creative Pinellas will have a press conference on Tuesday 2/28 at Ruth Eckerd Hall.

If Your Starting You’re Art Weekend Tonight:

USFCAM – Mark Dion Gallery Talk and Scavenger Hunt  Not only does this sound like fun but among other things there’s a Taco Bus gift certificate up for grabs.  The event is free, open to the public, and 6pm-8pm.

Warm Up the Skinny Jeans, Kids – Art to Check out This Weekend! 2/17-2/19

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