Information Overlord’s Weekend Reading Guide – 2/11-2/12

This could be the legacy of our generation...or that's what I got from the first link.Like Scar is to Mufasa, like Gaston is to the Beast, so will this weekend’s reading guide be to last week’s.  Last weekend I gave our lazy brains a respite from reading.  However, I know my readers are an intellectual bunch with minds that require regular and rigorous exertion.  This weekend’s reading guide is a cerebral one.

  • From my new favorite site is this article on the mind-liquefying world of 4chan, “alienation, irony, autonomy, [and] discourse”.  Auerbach serves up a critical look at the home of both the cyber-activists Anonymous and the lolcats meme.  Check it out here.
  • The local online art review and literary mag Ubernothing released its fifth issue about a month ago and is now accepting submissions for issue VI.  Not only will you likely enjoy the reading, but a little local is good for the character.  You can find issue five here.
  • The interview with Nathan Skiles at Sarasota Visual Art was a good read, particularly if you appreciate his abstracty sculpturish work.  Skiles had some especially interesting things to say about representation, abstraction, and blurring the two.  You can read the interview here.
Information Overlord’s Weekend Reading Guide – 2/11-2/12

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