Information Overlord’s Weekend Reading Guide: 2/04-2/05

"Who's got two thumbs and looks great in hot pants? ...This gal!"

So you’ve got you’re Keds laced up nice and tight and the beret snug on your head.  Now all you need for that hip exhibit tonight is a few talking points.  Well, I’ve got you covered – before you spritz on the Drakkar and head out the door, enjoy these links.

  • I hate to get started on a sad note but brilliant artist Mike Kelley died earlier this week.  GalleristNY has an article reporting on his death but centering on his life here, and a slide show of some of his work here.
  • A copy of daVinci’s Mona Lisa turns out to be older than most people thought.  In fact, the New York Times reports here that it could have even been painted by one of daVinci’s students while he painted the original.  Let the comparing and contrasting commence.
  • The entirely online virtual art event VIP Art Fair is back for its second year.  The word on the art streets (in this metaphor I’m Huggybear) is that it’s much better than last year.  Take off your Keds and beret and relax.  You can sign up here.
  • For some Saturday night art-nerd fun here is an 8-bit video game version of Marina Abramovic’s performance The Artist is Present.  Now knock yourself out waiting in line…8-bit style!
Information Overlord’s Weekend Reading Guide: 2/04-2/05

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