Damien Hirst Causes Uncontrollable Pun-Making in Bloggers

With the advent of Damien Hirst’s wonderfully meh worldwide spot painting exhibit, bloggers have been getting their money’s worth out of ‘spot’ puns.  If someone would just switch from calling them “spots” to “dot” – wow, that would be a game changer.  Anyhow, I thought I’d share a list of a few of the titles that…(wait for it)…I’ve spotted.

LSD by Damien Hirst

  • Spot the Difference: Damien Hirst’s Gagosian Paintings
  • Damien Hirst Will Have the World Seeing Spots.  Really.
  • Hirst Spotted at Gagosian
  • Seeing Spots: The Hirst Effect
  • How to Spot the Next Damien Hirst
  • “Out, damn’d spot!”: Damien Hirst’s Latest Strike
  • A Minute With: Damien Hirst on hitting the ‘spot’
  • Lexander: Seeing Spots in the Blue Chip Contemporary Art Market
  • Damien Hirst at Gagosian Worldwide: See Spot Show Off
  • Seeing Spots, Seeing Red, but in the Black

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