Information Overlord’s Weekend Reading 1/07 – 1/08

Turns out it was actually Marina Abramovic.

Well, because I’m posting this late there are 25% fewer links.  But the links, though, include 100% more public urination.  That’s right, you’re in for a treat!

  • Within hours of this story breaking, every art blog (including this one) seemed to come up with the same “performance art” joke.  She peed on a crazy expensive painting.  Does that need a joke?  You can find the storyhere, and an article about the effects on the paintings value here.
  • Art critic, Mat Gleason, published a list of twelve art world habits to break in 2012 here.  There were a few good ideas, a few terrible ones, and a few that just make Gleason sound annoying.  I’d love to know what you think.
  • Tampa was dissed on the Daily show recently.  Its mentioned here at  It’s a little hurtful but  Dale Mabry really is, how you say, skeezy? 
Information Overlord’s Weekend Reading 1/07 – 1/08

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