Warm Up the Skinny Jeans, Kids – Art to Check Out This Weekend!


The Back of the MFA. Because it looks cool.

Seriously, warm up your skinnies.  It’s finally cold.  Stuff them in the dryer for a few minutes, slip them on, and head to St. Pete.  I’m using these last couple weeks of December to get caught up with some of our area museums.  Apparently Festivus has just about every other usual arts destination doing something better than entertaining me.

I’ll admit, when thinking of St. Pete’s Museum of Fine Arts compared to the Tampa Museum of Art I think of Carlton and Will Smith respectively.  While this may be completely accurate architecturally, this isn’t entirely fair when it comes to exhibits (as a side note: does that make the Dali Museum Hilary?).  The museum has made recent steps to relieve me of that comparison, particularly with the recent acquisition of a new director.  That being said, even if you aren’t into this current exhibit, when in St. Pete don’t spend all of your love on the glass blowers.  Save some for Carlton.

Running through April 29, 2012 at the MFA is Ancient Egypt—Art and Magic: Treasures from the Fondation Gandur pour l’Art/Geneva.  This exhibit features 101 pieces of various Egyptian antiquities.  The ancient work is imported from a private collection and guest curated by Dr. Robert Steven Bianchi.  It seems like Dr. Bianchi has done a good job of emphasizing these objects in a way that makes the overall collection an art exhibit rather than a historical one.

The MFA website appeared to be down so I’m not clear on holiday hours.  You should at least be safe heading over on Friday from 10am – 5pm and possibly on Saturday 12pm-5pm.

Warm Up the Skinny Jeans, Kids – Art to Check Out This Weekend!

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