Information Overlord’s Weekend Reading 12/23 – 12/25


A beautifully understated Festivus pole.

Wikipedia is telling me that “Information Overlord’s Weekend Reading” is properly called a listicle.  Contrary to what I had believed ‘listicle’ is not the name for that flap of skin – its actually a cute little combination of ‘list’ and ‘article’.  Looks like that flap of skin will have to continue its nameless existence.  Approaching the end of the year, it’s good to be reminded of the reason for the season – end of year lists (as well as discounted desk calendars and the solstice celebration for your one friend who pretends to be wiccan).  Thus, this weeks installment is actually a list of lists, a megalist, if you will.  Enjoy.

  • Keepin’ it local (and portmanteau-alicious) is an entertaining list of Sunshine State political foibles and fubar here, at the Daily Loaf.
  • Guardian art critic Jonathan Jones picks out his favorite winter artworks, here.  Apparently, elsewhere winter is typically colder than the other three seasons.
  • You likely don’t need to be reminded that all of the hubbub you ran into at Target this afternoon is because today is Festivus.  Though Frank Costanza gave us the Festivus pole, Hyperallergic shows us here how modern artists saw it coming.
  • If you’re looking to blow your mind (sans huffing your big brother’s deodorant spray) Colossal shows off the best art and design they brought to us in 2011 here.



Information Overlord’s Weekend Reading 12/23 – 12/25

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